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Durham University uses the word 'concession' to describe a request that falls outside that which is permitted within the University regulations.

Concessions must be considered for approval in line with the expectations set out in the concessions overview table (below). Some types of concessions may be approved by the individual TEI, while others may be approved by the Common Awards Management Board.

Once a concessions has been approved, either by the TEI or the Common Awards Management Board, TEIs should consider if the concession results to a change to a student's personal circumstances which needs to be reported to the University through a change of registration form.

Wherever possible, the outcomes of concessions that have been approved by TEIs will be reported to the University through existing reporting mechanisms (such as the data that the University collects from TEIs at key points in the academic year). It is hoped that this will prevent any unnecessary administrative burden for TEIs. TEIs will simply need to ensure that the data returned to the University is updated to reflect concessions outcomes, and that they retain records of all decisions made.

The approach to concessions will be kept under review to ensure that the process works efficiently, and that the levels of appoval are appropriate.

Submitting a concession request

To request a concession that requires approval by the Management Board, please complete the concessions form. The form should be completed by the TEI (in consultation with the student). The TEI should send the completed form, and any supporting evidence, to the Common Awards Team.

While the Common Awards Team aims to process concessions requests as quickly as possible, TEIs are asked to submit concessions forms in good time. This is particuarly important to avoid any delays on account of peak periods in the Common Awards Team, or as a result of complex cases that may require further correspondence with the TEI.

The Common Awards Team will report the outcome of the concessions request to the TEI. The TEI will be responsible for communicating the outcome to the student.

All questions about concessions should be directed to the Common Awards Team.

Concessions overview

The table below provides an overview of different types of concessions. You can find out more about each concession type by following the hyperlinks.


Concession Type

Approved by:



Non-standard admission

Durham CA Management Board

Required if a TEI wishes to admit a student who does not meet the requirements of its Admissions policy.


Readmission after withdrawal


Required if a student who has withdrawn without an award wishes to be readmitted to a programme within a period of five years from the withdrawal.


Late entry to a programme


Required if a student wishes to be admitted to a programme after the start of term.


Exemption from programme requirements

Durham CA Management Board

Exemptions to the requirements of Common Awards programme specifications and regulations, including:

  • Exemptions from the syllabus requirements ;
  • Studying a module outside the programme regulations;
  • Taking fewer than the minimum credits in an academic year.


Programme transfer (within a TEI)

See notes

Required if a student wishes to transfer between programmes.


Programme transfer (to another TEI)

Durham CA Management Board

Required if a student wishes to transfer to another TEI.


Frequency of study

Durham CA Management Board

Required if a student wishes to take fewer than 40 credits in one academic year.

Please note: changes from full-time to part-time registration status (or vice versa) constitute a change in registration which needs to be reported to the University. Approval is not required under the concessions process; TEIs should consider, approve, and record the outcomes of such proposals themselves.


Suspension of studies


Required if a student wishes to suspend studies for personal, medical or professional reasons.

Extensions to assessment deadlines

TEIs are advised to note that extensions to assessment deadlines may be approved by the Chair of the TEI's Board of Examiners (or their delegate), provided that the extension is not complex and does not extend across two academic years. Normally the only grounds on which an extension will be granted are where circumstances beyond the control of the student have prevented submission.