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Boards of Examiners


The Common Awards Scheme operates a two-tier structure for Boards of Examiners:

TEI Boards of Examiners: Each TEI operates its own Board of Examiners, in line with guidance issued by Durham. TEI Boards are organised, administered, and chaired by the TEI. Meetings of the TEI Board must take place within two 'windows' of time (May-June and/or September-November), in line with the Common Awards timetable. All the TEI Boards of Examiners report into the overarching Durham University Board of Examiners.
DU Board of Examiners: The overarching Durham University Board of Examiners meets twice per year: once in July/August, and again in November/December. The Durham Board is responsible for confirming awards and classification. The overarching Board will be held in Durham, and administered by the Common Awards Team.

This structure - and the related processes - are designed to provide consistency for the consideration of marks and progression, and for the classification of degrees and the confirmation of all awards.

It aims to ensure that the University is able to fulfil its obligations as the awarding body, in accordance with the agreed validation contracts. It also aims to ensure comparability across the Common Awards programmes as a whole.

The relationship between the TEI Boards of Examiners and the overarching Durham University Board is based upon the University’s departmental and faculty Board structure, as is the Membership for those Boards.

The broad timescales for activity have been developed through careful planning and in response to feedback from TEIs. The dates for the overarching Durham University Boards are dependent on the TEI Boards.

Key information


If you have any questions about Boards of Examiners, or any suggestions of advice or guidance that you would like to receive in relation to this, please contact the Common Awards Team as soon as possible.