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Durham University

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Publication of Student Marks

Disclosure of marks before TEI Boards of Examiners

TEIs may communicate marks for coursework when the work is returned to the students with feedback (i.e. before the marks are confirmed by the TEI's Board of Examiners). These marks may be conveyed to students orally or in writing.

Only members of staff designated by the TEI's Management Committee may disclose these marks to students. When doing so they should explain that the disclosure does not constitute an official statement of performance, and that the marks are provisional until confirmed by the TEI's Board of Examiners.

The disclosure of marks for coursework and for examinations applies equally to all other assessed work (dissertations, projects, presentations, etc.) as appropriate. Students should be given a mark on a percentage scale. This applies whether an assignment or an examination constitutes the whole or part of the assessment for a module.

Pass lists

Approximately 2 weeks after each of the Durham University overarching Board of Examiners meetings, the University issues a pass list to confirm which students considered by the Board have been granted awards. The University sends the pass lists to the relevant TEIs. The TEI is responsible for communicating the information to its students.

TEIs are responsible for producing confirmation of progression for students who are continuing to a higher Level of study.


Only Durham University's Student Registry is authorised to issue official transcripts of assessment performance to students. Parchments and transcripts will be produced as follows:


Approximately 6 weeks after graduation, transcripts and parchments will be produced for:

(a) all graduating students;

(b) all students whose awards were confirmed at the Autumn meeting of the Durham University Board of Examiners

October: Approximately 6 weeks after the Summer meeting of Durham University's overarching Board of Examiners, transcripts and parchments will be produced for all students whose awards were confirmed at the Summer Board but who are not eligible to attend graduation.

The University sends the transcripts and parchments to the relevant TEIs. The TEI is responsible for distributing the documents to the relevant students.