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Briefing Pack


Please note that the above documents may be changed in light of comments received from TEIs throughout the Stage 2 approval phase. We aim to keep revisions to a minimum, but will update documents where amendments are required in order to help TEIs and support the validation process. Updates will be included in our announcements page, our bulletins, and the table below.

Date Document Details of change Rationale
30.09.13 T2: Self-Evaluation Document (SED) New section added (A4).

TEIs have requested that the SED includes a section that enables them to provide an overview of their proposals; for example, to explain the historical or organisational context of their TEI. 

Suggestion: if you have already begun to complete your SED, you can copy and paste the section A4 into the document.

07.10.13 T4: Module Overview Table New column added: 'Summary of Content'

We have added a new column to the module overview table so that TEIs can indicate the content of each module where variety is permitted. 

Please note that, at the Stage 1 Approval Panel, it was decided that we should provide all TEIs with the module outline documents for each module. TEIs will be able to enter details directly onto the module outline templates (instead of completing T4). We are currently completing this work and hope to have the templates available for TEIs undergoing visits during January onwards.

22.10.13 T11: Church Pathways Form New document

New document added for IME 1-3

10.12.13 T10: Church Pathways Approval guidance Guidance notes

The Ministry Division have created the following guidance notes documents to help TEIs complete the T11: Church Pathways Approval form

  • Introduction to Church Pathway Approval
  • Instructions for completing Church Pathway Approval forms
  • Guidelines for IME 1-3 pathways
30.06.14 T1: Document checklist Minor changes

The template has been updated for TEIs undergoing validation visits during 2014/15. More information has been added to the 'additional documents' section to provide clearer suggestions of the documents that the visit team will find useful.

30.06.14 T2: SED Additional sub-headings and guidance

We have added more sub-headings and guidance to provide greater clarity for TEIs who will be undergoing validation visits during 2014/15. The main changes relate to sections: C-C5; G3.

11.12.14 T3, T4, T5, T6, T8 Amendments

Uploaded amended template documents (amendments to provide further clarification and support to TEIs undergoing approval) 



Common Awards Contacts


Telephone: 0191 33 43180 / 0191 33 43139

Document Submission

TEIs will need to submit their documents in both electronic and paper copy:

  • 1 x electronic copy: please email your documents to us (preferably in a 'zip file')
  • 4 x paper copies: we ask for paper copies so that panel members can read the documents when they are out of the office without access to a computer. Please send your copies to: Common Awards Team, St John's College, 3 South Bailey, Durham, DH1 3RJ