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Curriculum development

(20 January 2015)

Following feedback from the TEI Forum, we are planning to extend the curriculum development deadline.

As you will be aware, the deadline for submitting curriculum development requests is 31st January 2015

At present, we are exploring ways of extending this deadline (to provide more time for TEIs to review their provision and develop their proposals), while still ensuring that we are able to meet the deadlines for internal reporting and approvals for more substantial curriculum development.


It is anticipated that we will be able to extend the deadline for the comparatively minor curriculum development requests that can be approved by the Management Board. 

For example:

  • requests to change module details [such as assessment types, within the existing options available in the module outlines];
  • requests to change programme regulations [such as the proposal to add a new module to the regulations from the existing portfolio of Common Awards modules]). 


We have less flexibility with the deadline for substantial curriculum development (e.g. new TEI programmes and new modules). 

This is because substantial curriculum development proposals require additional consultation and/or approval (from Ministry Division, the University's New Programme Approval Panel, the University's Quality and Standards Sub-Committee). However, we are exploring the possibility of a staggered approach that could include:

  • final confirmation of proposals by 31st January 2015 (e.g. a list of the titles of proposed new modules and/or programmes);
  • submission of the full documentation at a later date (this later date would provide more time for the TEI to develop proposals and consult with Ministry Division, but would also permit sufficient time for internal approval processes within the University).

We will be publishing more information about this shortly.


In the meantime, TEIs are advised to consult our curriculum development pages for information about different types of curriculum development, and the levels of approval required for each type.


TEIs are also advised to note that they should contact Dr David Way in Ministry Division as soon as possible (and, ideally, should already be in contact with Ministry Division) if they wish to propose the following:

  • new programmes outside the Common Awards framework
  • new modules that have not yet been approved for the Common Awards framework
  • changes to the overarching module outlines (e.g. changes to assessment options within the overarching module outlines)


All anticipated curriculum development proposals for introduction during September 2015 will need to be submitted in line with the guidance we have published, and the timescale that we will publish shortly.

However, TEIs are asked to note that we will be introducing a process for the consideration of late curriculum development proposals in the event that such changes come to light only during the course of the present academic year. While it is anticipated that there will be only a small number of late changes, we would like to assure TEIs that we will be able to consider such requests at a later point in the year.

We are grateful to all members of staff who are currently working on their curriculum development proposals. 

As always, we welcome any questions about curriculum development (and other aspects of the Common Awards):

Common Awards Contacts


Telephone: 0191 33 43180 / 0191 33 43139