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Campus Cards - Update

(7 November 2014)

We have received several queries from TEIs regarding campus card production.

We will be producing campus cards for students on request only. We would want to receive requests for student campus cards via the TEI rather than from students individually. We are not planning on issuing campus cards for all students automatically, as several TEIs have informed us that many of their students will not require a card.

We will request student photographs for campus cards from TEIs once the student record creation process is complete, which we anticipate will be between November-December 2014.

By this point, TEIs will already have received Banner IDs for their students from us. All campus card photographs will need to be saved with the student’s Banner ID as the file name (see notes below on the photo format requirements).

TEIs are welcome to submit their campus card photographs to us any time after they have received their Banner IDs. However we will provide TEIs with a final submission deadline shortly.

The main benefits of the campus card for Common Awards students is that it will enable them to apply to SCONUL so that they can access library resources from other libraries across the country.

Students could also use the campus card for student discounts. However they would receive the same benefits from an NUS card and may prefer to apply for an NUS card if they are interested in it solely for this purpose. (If students do wish to apply for an NUS card instead then they should apply directly via the NUS website. When it comes to selecting their “Place of study” they should select “Durham Students’ Union” from the drop down menu). Students will have to pay for the NUS card; however they would be able to apply for one straightaway whereas they will have to wait until the student records creation process is complete to receive a Durham campus card.

We are still in the process of confirming the best way for TEIs to provide us with campus card photographs. Depending on the file size, this will either be (a) in an encrypted USB stick, posted to us via recorded delivery or (b) via email in a password protected file. We will provide an update to TEIs on this shortly.

We will only be able to produce campus cards in batches after our scheduled student records creation points in autumn and spring. We are not able to produce campus cards on an ad hoc basis. Any photos that are received after the deadline for each batch will mean that the student’s campus card will be produced in the next batch.

The format requirements for campus card photographs are as follows:

Photograph format

1. Width 198 pixels

2. Height 239 pixels

3. File Type JPEG (.jpg file extension)

4. The photograph should be a head and shoulders passport style photograph with a plain, white background.

5. You should be looking straight into the camera, with the picture clear and in sharp focus.

6. Your eyes should be open and you should not be wearing sunglasses or tinted lenses.

7. Your clothes should contrast the colour of the background.

8. You should not be wearing a hat or other items of clothing that obstruct your face. Your face must not be obstructed or covered by anything else.

9. The photograph should be in colour.

File name format:

Banner ID.jpg

e.g. 000123456.jpg

 If you have any questions or concerns please don't hesitate to contact us.

Common Awards Contacts


Telephone: 0191 33 43180 / 0191 33 43139