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Student records progress update - data verification check

(31 October 2014)

We have now received student records data from all TEIs and have been undertaking a detailed data verification process prior to uploading the data onto the University’s student records system and creating student records for Common Awards students.

As you will be aware, it is crucial that the student records data we upload into our student records system is accurate as this data is the basis from which student transcripts and parchments are produced.

Therefore we will shortly be emailing each TEI to provide them with the final version of their student records data that has emerged from this data verification process, in order to ask them to verify the accuracy of this information prior to it being uploaded to Banner.

We would like to highlight the following issues to TEIs:

  1. Individual TEIs’ validation fees are calculated based on the number of students registered on the Common Awards programmes at their institution, and we are reliant on the student records data we receive from TEIs to calculate this number accurately. We do not want TEIs to be overcharged. Therefore it is important that we only receive student records data for those students who will be registered on the Common Awards programmes for 2014/15.

This means that we do not need to receive data for:

(i) students registered on programmes other than Common Awards programmes;

(ii) students taking taster modules (we would want to receive data for students currently on taster modules at our next data collection in April, if they have successfully completed the module and were going to become fully registered on the Common Awards programmes).

(iii) staff at TEIs

2. We are committed to having student records data fully verified, uploaded to Banner, then returned to TEIs and signed off by TEIs by our census date of 1st December 2014.This means that we need to receive accurate data from TEIs well in advance of this date. Any delays in the process of receiving accurate student records data from TEIs arising from issues such as errors in data or changes requested to student registration details delays our student records creation process. This would in turn delay the production of student campus cards.

  • We would also like to emphasise that we will be unable to make ongoing manual updates to student records throughout the academic year. Instead we would want to receive any updates to student registration details from TEIs at our scheduled data collection points. Please refer to the student records indicative schedule of activity on our website for these dates.

The data verification check we will shortly be asking TEIs to complete is intended (a) as a means of ensuring that we have only received data for students who are registered on Common Awards programmes and (b) as a means of ensuring the data we have received is accurate. At this point we particularly want to ensure that the student names that TEIs have provided us with are students’ full legal names and that no abbreviations have been used. This is important because the names provided will be those that appear on student transcripts and parchments.

Once we have created student records in Banner, we will then send the Banner IDs to TEIs. 

We will be issuing further guidance on campus cards shortly. We will request campus card photgraphs from TEIs for those students who have requested them once student records have been created (c. November / December 2014). This will be once Banner IDs have been circulated to TEIs as photographs must be saved with the Banner ID as the filename.

TEIs are reminded that the TEI Handbook includes information on programme and module registration. This includes an indicative schedule of activity for student records processes.

If you have any questions about student records data, please don’t hesitate to contact us at

Common Awards Contacts


Telephone: 0191 33 43180 / 0191 33 43139