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Combined Honours

Combined Honours in Arts

What we offer you

It's very popular, to judge from the number of applications, and from our students' evaluations.

It's flexible, in that

  • you do two or three (or four, but most do two or three) subjects
  • you can start with three (or four) subjects and specialise in two after the first year
  • you can choose your preferred modules in those subjects to a large extent (you need to check they lead to further modules you want to do)
  • you can change one subject at the end of the first year
  • you can take up to half your modules in the Faculty of Science or the Faculty of Social Sciences and Health.

It's interesting, in that you can find the modules and subjects that interest you. For instance, if you enjoy Philosophy, but ethics rather than logic or epistemology, or if you are attracted more by the study of language than of literature (or of course vice-versa, and similarly for many other subjects), then you can use the framework of the Combined Degree to build the combination of modules that suits you.

It's demanding: each module you take is one also taken by single- and joint-honours students, and doesn't lack anything in academic depth. Putting your own preferred programme together, and making the intellectual links between its constituent parts, isn't an easy option.

It's friendly: we have a Combined Honours Office situated in the main lecture complex in the heart of Durham..

The degree of the future? The 1997 Dearing Report on Higher Education in the Learning Society says (Recommendation 16) that the university degree of the future should incorporate breadth, to enable students to understand the context of their studies, as well as depth. Combined Honours in Arts at Durham offers you precisely this.