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Non-Academic Misconduct & Discipline

Students are expected to adhere to the University's regulations on conduct; failure to do so can result in disciplinary action.

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About Non-Academic Misconduct and Discipline

The section below contains details on the University's discipline regulations.

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Non-Academic Misconduct Disciplinary Procedure

Learn more about our Non-Academic Misconduct Disciplinary Procedure.
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Senate Discipline Committee Hearing Procedure

Read our Senate Discipline Committee Hearing Procedure.
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Non-Academic Appeal or Request a Review Form

The University form to allow students to submit a non-academic appeal or request a review.
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Discipline Regulations

Read our discipline regulations.
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If you would like to appeal the outcome of a disciplinary decision, relating to Non-Academic Discipline, please submit a Non-Academic Appeal or Request a Review Form.

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The Curriculum, Learning & Assessment Service administers University-level appeals, and institutional disciplinary processes resulting from academic misconduct (e.g. plagiarism, examination irregularities).

For further information and support regarding matters of academic misconduct please contact

For further information and support regarding matters of Non-Academic Misconduct and Discipline please contact