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Dimensions Programme 

The Dimensions programme offers a range of opportunities to students which align closely with the Durham Inspired Award. Additionally, the activities offered by Dimensions seek to enhance and develop a student's intellectual curiosity and personal effectiveness through the facilitation of student-led activities, the provision of a broad-ranging series of lectures, seminars and debates, and skills-based activities such as networking sessions, employability initiatives and our well-established work with the local community.

The programme is based on three themes: engage and inspire wellbeing and community, and find your future. Information about forthcoming Dimensions activities is sent to students regularly via email and bookings can be made via our online student portal, in Mildert College Student Connect, Student Connect.

All students are also encouraged to engage with the Durham Inspired Award.

An overview of the Dimensions programme during the 2021/22 academic year can be found here and enquiries about the programme should be directed to