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Collingwood Telephone Appeal 2023

9 July - 23 July 2023

Between 9 July and 23 July, a team of Collingwood students will call many alumni on the phone with an update from College and to seek support for Collingwood students and our Student Opportunities Fund.  

Unfortunately, financial worries prevent so many students from taking up opportunities that others might take for granted. The current cost of living crisis has only made this more likely; but Collingwood’s mission is to ensure that no student has to forego an amazing opportunity or personal development activity due to lack of financial support.  

By making a gift to Collingwood’s 1972 Club Student Opportunities Fund you can help to ensure that all Collingwood students can fulfil their potential, regardless of background or circumstances.  

Fundraising isn’t the only purpose of our call, however; this year we have been celebrating 50 Years of Collingwood and we’d love to hear your memories of College! It’s also a chance for a Collingwood student to connect with you and gain valuable advice and inspiration for the future.  

We’re very much looking forward to speaking to you and hope that you will enjoy the call. 

Thank you in advance to all alumni who will speak to our students, the we greatly appreciate your support.

For any queries about the 2023 telephone appeal or if you would like to opt-in to receive a call, please email 

University student
I come from a single-parent, working class family, and we are from a deprived area of the North East; money was used for food, bills and clothing and opportunities for enrichment were scarce. Thanks to the kindness and generosity of Collingwood alumni, I was able to access more of university life and do something incredible outside of my studies. I was awarded a grant to enable me to gain my British Sign Language (BSL) Level 1 qualification. The funding removed the financial barrier and allowed me to pursue something that will allow me to make a difference to others.

Collingwood Student Opportunities Fund Recipient
University student
Joining the Bar is notoriously difficult, and the first step towards entering the career is securing a mini pupillage. As mini pupillages are unpaid, Collingwood's Student Opportunities Fund helped me achieve the next step within my career. Balancing extra costs whilst at university such as accommodation and expensive travel makes this difficult and thus the Fund has helped me ease some of the pressure.

Collingwood Student Opportunities Fund Recipient