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Junior Common Room

The Junior Common Room (JCR) refers to two things. Firstly, it is a physical space in Collingwood, home to table tennis and pool tables as well as sofas, the coffee shop and a TV and gaming area: a perfect space to socialise and relax. During college events, the JCR area can be transformed into a dancefloor for live music and entertainment!

Secondly, and most importantly, the JCR refers to the undergraduate student body who get involved with the organisation and running of college life and work closely with all the staff members to provide opportunities and great experiences. As a member of the JCR (which you can join on arrival at Collingwood), you’ll have the opportunity to participate in any of our sports clubs, societies and committees and get involved with the running of events. You’ll also be able to vote in JCR elections to choose student leaders to represent you, have your say about how the JCR spends money and runs its services, and even run for a leadership position yourself.

There are also positions for individuals to represent different groups within our college community including a students with disability rep, an LGBTQ+ rep and People of Colour reps. These roles are so important and help to make Collingwood the inclusive and friendly community that we are so proud of.

Pool table in the Junior Common Room

JCR with pool table

Meeting space in the JCR with stag mural

Stag mural in JCR meeting space

Frothing milk at coffee machine

Coffee machine in the JCR coffee shop

Football table and coffee shop

Football table at the JCR coffee shop