Durham University

Faculty of Arts and Humanities


Philosophy of improvisation to be explored in workshop

(11 September 2018)

Andy Hamilton, Professor of Philosophy and associated member of Music staff hosts a two-day public workshop on the philosophy of improvisation in music and other arts.

Jazz and improvising musicians, interpreters and composers in Western and non-Western music – plus practitioners from other art forms – will explore the idea of an ‘aesthetics of imperfection’.

The discussions will highlight the energy and spontaneity of improvisation, with contributors drawing on their individual artistic visions to explore contrasts and continuities between spontaneous kinds of creativity and the search for perfection that guides composed forms of art. Some talks will include live performances.

6-7 September 2018, Newcastle upon Tyne

All are welcome, and entry is free on the door

See the full programme and details here.

With thanks to funding from Durham University. The workshop is part of the Newcastle Festival of Jazz and Improvised Music.

Please contact Samuel Horlor at s.p.horlor@durham.ac.uk for more information.