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Musicon/IAS Commission: Sound Installation by Trevor Wishart

13th June 2012, 19:30, The Botanic Garden Visitor Centre

In collaboration with Durham University's Institute of Advanced Study, as part of the Futures 2 project 'New storylines for living with environmental change: citizen's perspectives'.

The internationally renowned maverick of new art form ‘digital opera’, Trevor Wishart returns to County Durham with a specially commissioned installation work. This event is a fruit of the year-long series of public engagement events involving international academics, Durham’s academics, Wishart and people from County Durham. Alongside the project’s underlying ‘nature’ theme, the installation will give artistic expression to the ideas explored during the project and, most importantly, to the creative processes through which our participating public understand, discuss, reflect upon, deliberate and evaluate their own discussions on living with environmental change and on the structure of feeling of different technological options.

Wishart has been actively involved in the project throughout its duration, present at all of the public engagement discussion meetings. In engaging him in this way, the project team ensured that his creative practice adds value not only to the project’s outcomes but also to its processes; in particular it adds texture and vibrancy to the articulation of issues that emerge from public engagement discussions, their understanding and their relationship with each other.

Wishart will feature the voices of people, particularly those he has collected in County Durham over the years. Set in a scenic and friendly environment at the Botanic Garden, this is a rare opportunity for the general public to experience a sense of empowerment and agency through encountering the making of an artwork as a direct outcome of their thoughts, feelings and discussions. The installation will be available for interactive playing for six weeks to the end of July. Children are welcome.

In association with the Centre for Contemporary Performing Arts

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