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Department of Archaeology


Mr Ran Zhang

(email at

My Study

My study is concerned with how Chinese traded ceramics impacted of maritime trade in the western Indian Ocean from the 9th to the 16th century. Based on an archaeological report collecting data from 140 ceramic kiln sites in China and on archaeological-ceramic material collected from 125 coastal sites and collections in the western Indian Ocean, this study has reviewed the archaeological and chronological development of Chinese traded ceramics. A classification of Chinese traded ceramics in the western Indian Ocean has been built, introduced with a review of the long-term history and researched using quantitative methods.


A classification study: The Chinese traded ceramics in the Indian Ocean, 9th to 16th centuries

Research Group

A research member of the China’s national project of traded China’s ceramics, the Palace Museum and Zhejaing Provincial Museum, 2011

Other qualifications

The certificate of Professional Auction of Cultural Relics: China’s Ceramics, 2011


Chapter in book

  • Lin, Meicun & Zhang, Ran (2016). The Silk Road: Intercontinental Trade and the Tang Empire. In Cyrus Tang Hall of China: Companion Book. Lisa Niziolek Chicago University Press. forthcoming.
  • Zhang, Ran (2013). On the Peak of Chinese Ceramic Trade in the Indian Ocean in the 9th Century [in Chinese]. In Proceedings of the Research of Ancient Chinese Ceramics. Zhongguo Gutaoci Xuehui 18: 409-422.
  • Kennet, Derek , Zhang, Ran & Priestman, Seth (2011). Longquan ceramic of archaeological excavation in Near East – introduction of Longquan celadon about the Williamson Collection and the Siraf material [in Chinese]. In The Research of Longquan kiln. Institute of Chinese Ceramics Forbidden City Press. 447-57.

Journal Article

  • Lin, Meicun & Zhang, Ran (2015). Zheng He's voyages to Hormuz: the archaeological evidence. Antiquity 89(344): 417-432.
  • Zhang, Ran & Yang, Xiao (2014). An Initial Study of the Chinese Ceramics of the Royal Collection: The Changes in Sino-British Relations in the 18th to 19th Centuries. Nanfang Wenwu 124: 25-29 [in Chinese].
Archaeology Staff June 2014