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Department of Archaeology


Miss Sian Mui

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Research topic

Positioning the corpse: Death, posture and representation in early medieval England


My research focuses on the treatment and representation of bodies in inhumation burials from early Anglo-Saxon England, c. 450–700. Taking inspiration from recent archaeological, historical, and sociological work that has explored ideas about the body and social identities, body symbolism, and embodied grief and bereavement, my work identifies evidence for the construction and representation of the dead body in the Anglo-Saxon mortuary arena. The funerary body was progressively constructed and articulated through its positional arrangement, clothing, and other accompanying features. My research brings together data from over 2000 graves from across Anglo-Saxon England, and examines patterns of representational practices and preferences. It engages the relationship between the materiality of the body and its symbolic potentials, and explores the perception of and attitudes towards the body in the early medieval world.

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