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Durham University

Department of Archaeology


Mr Daniel Eddisford

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I received my undergraduate and MSc degrees in archaeology at University College London. I have worked as a professional field archaeologist for over 15 years, excavating a wide range of sites both in the UK and the Middle East. I have a long standing interest in the archaeology of the Arabian Gulf, and I continue to direct archaeological fieldwork for the Origins of Doha Project.

Research Topic

Networks of long distance exchange in south-eastern Arabia in the Bronze age (c.3200 BC - c.1300 BC)


The Bronze Age is a time of dramatic change for the societies of southeastern Arabia, with local cultures and styles developing against a backdrop of state formation in Mesopotamia and the Indus region. Exotic artefacts are relatively common on Bronze Age sites along the Arabian Gulf, and exchange networks linking southeast Arabia to the riverine civilizations of Mesopotamia and the Indus as well as Iran, have been the subject of interest for some time. Building upon this research I aim to identify more detailed networks of interaction, as well as the roles the objects themselves are playing in society. By drawing together multiple lines of data I hope to build a clearer picture of who was trading, how trade was conducted and what impact novel forms of exotic material culture had on society. I intend to develop analytical methods that utilise GIS in order to contribution to our understanding of the nature of Bronze Age society in the region, as well as how and why societies in the region changed throughout the Bronze Age.


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Eddisford, D. and Philip, C. (2009) The Bronze Age at Kalba (United Arab Emirates). Proceedings of the Seminar for Arabian Studies 39: 99-112.

Eddisford, D. and Harpelund, A.M. (2009) The City Wall and the Northwest Area (EP01). In M. Bile (ed.) Archaeological Excavations and Survey at az-Zubarah, Qatar: End of Season Report 2009. Qatar Islamic Archaeology and Heritage Project: Copenhagen.

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