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Department of Archaeology


Mr Cezary Namirski

(email at

Academic background

In 2012 I have graduated with a first class BA degree in archaeology from the University of Reading, and in 2013 I have completed my MA degree in archaeology at Durham University with a distinction. In 2012 I was a runner-up in the Prehistoric Society Award for the best Undergraduate Dissertation 2012 for the dissertation “Transition from protonuraghi to tholos nuraghi in the architecture of Bronze Age Sardinia”. Currently I am studying for a PhD under the supervision of Dr Robin Skeates and Dr Rob Witcher. I am particularly interested in the Sardinian prehistory and British prehistoric rock art

Research Topic

The aim of my project is to distinguish and analyze the Bronze Age and Iron Age Nuragic settlement patterns of the east coast of Sardinia with consideration of possible evidence for territoriality, relationship between specific nuraghi (Bronze Age circular towers), relationship between the settlement and funeral/ceremonial sites, use of the coast and possible relationship between Nuragic and Phoenician/Punic sites. The methodology includes site-based landscape surveys in two selected areas of the east coast of Sardinia.

Conference contributions

2013. “The Nuragic elites and the Punic conquest of Sardinia”. Conference of Ancient History “Elites in the Ancient World”, University of Szczecin, 18-20.09.2013.

2014. “Prehistoric rock art of Sardinia: continuity or regional traditions?”. British Rock Art Group Conference, University of Edinburgh, 3.05.2014.

2014. “Nuragic territoriality in Gesico and Mandas (Sardinia) between the Middle Bronze Age and Iron Age”. Central Mediterranean Prehistory Day of Studies 2014, University of Newcastle, 28.05.2014.

2015. “Sardinian statue-menhirs revisited: a Central Mediterranean perspective”. British Rock Art Group Conference, University of Bristol, 2.05.2015.

2016. "Pamięć i przemiany w prehistorycznej sztuce naskalnej Wysp Brytyjskich” (“Change and memory in the prehistoric rock art of the British Isles”). XII Studencka Konferencja Starożytnicza Panta rhei, University of Poznań, 13-15.05.2016.

2016. "Nuragic Landscapes of the East Coast of Sardinia". Central Mediterranean Prehistory Seminar, University of Liverpool, 19.05.2016.

2016. "Prehistoric Rock Art of Ogliastra (Sardinia): chronology and context". British Rock Art Group Conference, University of Liverpool, 3-4.06.2016.

2016. "Settlement patterns and territoriality of the Nuragic east coast of Sardinia: new results". 4th International Landscape Archaeology Conference, Uppsala Universitet, 23-25.08.2016.


- Participation as a volunteer in the Thrumster Broch Project organized by AOC Archaeology under the direction of Dr John Barber (VI 2011).

- Cooperation with Tynedale Archaeology Group as a volunteer (2013-present) – walkover and level 3 surveys in Northumberland (Ravensheugh Crags, Sewingshields Crags).

- Participation in the excavations of the prehistoric cave sites in the province of Lazio, Italy under direction of Prof. Mario Rolfo (2013-2014).

- Participation in the excavations of Su Asedazzu (Seulo, Sardinia) rock shelter (XII 2014) - part of the Seulo Caves Project directed by Dr Robin Skeates.



Namirski, C. 2016. Nuragiczna Sardynia. Kraków: Historia Iagellonica.


Namirski, C. 2015. Elity nuragicznej Sardynii a punicki podbój wyspy in "Elity w świecie starożytnym", edited by Cieśluk, M. Szczecin: Uniwersytet Szczeciński, p. 33-46.