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Durham University

Department of Archaeology


Publication details for Professor Mike Church

Rees, T & Church, M J (2000). Bronze Age timbers from Creag Ruaidh, Achmore, Isle of Lewis. Northern Studies 35: 133-159.

Author(s) from Durham


Excavations at Creag Ruaidh, Achmore in August 1996 recovered two small logs from the peat fill of an intra-peat ditch. These birch logs had axe-marks at either end, probably made by the same metal blade, and the lower of the two was dated to 2910 ± 50 uncal BP (GU-7320). The logs are interpreted as having been deposited after the ditch had degraded into a boggy hollow. No other identifiably anthropic material was associated with this ditch.
A wood litter layer, predominantly birch and willow, was identified towards the base of the natural peat succession and this was dated to 4530 ± 60 uncal BP (GU-7321). A date prior to this can be inferred for the initiation of peat growth. No mineral soil was identified. The excavation and post-excavation analyses were funded by Historic Scotland.