Durham University

Department of Archaeology


Academic Staff: Professor Ian Bailiff Professor 41124 301 ian.bailiff@durham.ac.uk
Dr Mary Brooks Associate Professor 41127 206B mary.brooks@durham.ac.uk
Dr Anwen Caffell Teaching Fellow 238 a.c.caffell@durham.ac.uk
Professor Mike Church Professor 41153 226 m.j.church@durham.ac.uk
UNESCO Professor Robin Coningham Professor 41145 215 r.a.e.coningham@durham.ac.uk
Dr Marta Diaz-Guardamino Lecturer 41173 330 marta.m.diaz-guardamino@durham.ac.uk
Dr Catherine M. Draycott Assistant Professor 41138 230 catherine.draycott@durham.ac.uk
Dr Eva Fernandez-Dominguez Associate Professor 41141 236 eva.fernandez@durham.ac.uk
Professor Chris Gerrard Professor 41134 229 c.m.gerrard@durham.ac.uk
Professor Rebecca Gowland Professor 41110 238 rebecca.gowland@durham.ac.uk
Dr Pam Graves Associate Professor 41136 201C c.p.graves@durham.ac.uk
Professor Richard Hingley Professor 41164 225 richard.hingley@durham.ac.uk
Dr Tina Jakob Teaching Fellow 41116 328 betina.jakob@durham.ac.uk
Dr Derek Kennet Associate Professor 41135 325 derek.kennet@durham.ac.uk
Dr Dan Lawrence Associate Professor 41170 332 dan.lawrence@durham.ac.uk
Professor Anna Leone Professor 41140 211 anna.leone@durham.ac.uk
Dr Karen Milek Associate Professor (Reader) in Geoarchaeology 41568 228 karen.b.milek@durham.ac.uk
Dr Andrew R Millard Associate Professor 41147 231 a.r.millard@durham.ac.uk
Professor Janet Montgomery Professor 42980 201E janet.montgomery@durham.ac.uk
Dr Tom Moore Associate Professor 41157 201A t.h.moore@durham.ac.uk
Professor Paul Pettitt Professor 41169 214B paul.pettitt@durham.ac.uk
Dr David Petts Associate Professor 41166 327 d.a.petts@durham.ac.uk
Professor Graham Philip Professor 41142 234 graham.philip@durham.ac.uk
Dr Benjamin Roberts Associate Professor 41568 237 benjamin.roberts@durham.ac.uk
Professor Charlotte Roberts Professor 41154 223 c.a.roberts@durham.ac.uk
Professor Peter Rowley-Conwy Professor 41155 224 p.a.rowley-conwy@durham.ac.uk
Professor Chris Scarre Professor 41143 227 chris.scarre@durham.ac.uk
Professor Sarah Semple Professor 41115 201D s.j.semple@durham.ac.uk
Professor Robin Skeates Professor & Head of Department 41156 203A robin.skeates@durham.ac.uk
Dr Martin Sterry Teaching Fellow 332A martin.j.sterry@durham.ac.uk
Professor Mark White Professor 41160 239 mark.white@durham.ac.uk
Dr Emily Williams Associate Professor 41117 232 emily.a.williams@durham.ac.uk
Dr Penny Wilson Associate Professor 41159 222 penelope.wilson@durham.ac.uk
Dr Robert Witcher Associate Professor & Antiquity Editor 41148 214A r.e.witcher@durham.ac.uk
Research Staff: Dr Kayt Armstrong Research Associate 001 kate.l.armstrong@durham.ac.uk
Dr Arwa Badran Research Associate 41127 206B a.h.badran@durham.ac.uk
Dr Kamal Badreshany Research Associate 41576 112 kamal.badreshany@durham.ac.uk
Dr Derek Craig Research Fellow 41120 017 d.j.craig@durham.ac.uk
Dr Christopher Davis Research Associate 215 christopher.davis@durham.ac.uk
Dr Michelle W. de Gruchy Postdoctoral Researcher 001 michelle.de-gruchy@durham.ac.uk
Dr Paolo Forlin Research Associate 229 paolo.forlin@durham.ac.uk
Dr Kurt Gron Research Associate 328 k.j.gron@durham.ac.uk
Dr Kristen Hopper Research Associate 001 k.a.hopper@durham.ac.uk
Dr Lucie Johnson Research Associate lucie.j.johnson@durham.ac.uk
Dr Sacha Kacki Cofund Research Fellow sacha.s.kacki@durham.ac.uk
Dr Mark Manuel Research Fellow 41111 215 m.j.manuel@durham.ac.uk
Dr Kate Mees British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow 303 kate.a.mees@durham.ac.uk
Dr Mariacarmela Montesanto Research Associate 001 mariacarmela.montesanto@durham.ac.uk
Dr Sayantani Neogi Research Associate sayantani.neogi@durham.ac.uk
Dr Ronan O'Donnell Research Associate 41119 302 r.p.o'donnell@durham.ac.uk
Dr Celia Orsini Research Associate 303 celia.orsini@durham.ac.uk
Dr Angela Perri Cofund Research Fellows 303 angela.r.perri@durham.ac.uk
Dr Francesca Pucci-Donati Research Associate 326 francesca.pucci-donati@durham.ac.uk
Dr Jonathan Santana-Cabrera Marie Curie Postdoctoral Fellow 331 jonathan.a.santana-cabrera@durham.ac.uk
Dr Kate Sharpe Research Associate 41119 302 kate.sharpe@durham.ac.uk
Dr Elena Tiribilli Marie Curie Postdoctoral Fellow 331 elena.tiribilli@durham.ac.uk
Dr Gemma Tully Research Associate gemma.tully@durham.ac.uk
Dr Valentina Tumolo Research Associate valentina.tumolo@durham.ac.uk
Dr Alessandra Varalli Cofund Research Fellow 331 alessandra.varalli@durham.ac.uk
Dr Lynn Welton Marie Curie Postdoctoral Fellow 001 lynn.m.welton@durham.ac.uk
Dr Ran Zhang Research Associate 331 ran.zhang@durham.ac.uk
Administrative Staff: Mrs Lyn Chatterton Departmental Secretary 41100 204A lyn.chatterton@durham.ac.uk
Miss Louise Gascoigne Postgraduate Secretary 41109 204A louise.gascoigne@durham.ac.uk
Mrs Cassandra Hodgkiss Officer for Finance & Research 41102 204A cassandra.hodgkiss@durham.ac.uk
Mrs Joanne Patterson Undergraduate Administrator & PA to Head of Department 41144 206 j.m.patterson@durham.ac.uk
Dr Mark Shaw Department Manager 41112 206A m.r.shaw@durham.ac.uk
Technical Staff: Dr Steve Robertson Technician - Archaeological Science 41574 240 steven.robertson@durham.ac.uk
Dr Bethan Upex Technician - Archaeological Science 41085 240 beth.upex@durham.ac.uk
Mr Jeff Veitch Technician - Photography 41161 244 jeffrey.veitch@durham.ac.uk
Antiquity Staff: Dr Ross Kendall Editorial Assistant 201B ross.kendall@durham.ac.uk
Dr Claire Nesbitt Reviews Editor 201B claire.nesbitt@durham.ac.uk
Mrs Elizabeth Ryan Antiquity Editorial Manager 201B elizabeth.ryan@durham.ac.uk
Mr Thomas Swindells Deputy Editorial Manager 201B t.p.swindells@durham.ac.uk
Archaeological Services Durham University: Mr Daniel Adamson Assistant Project Archaeologist 41121 daniel.l.adamson@durham.ac.uk
Ms Hilly Andrews Assistant Project Archaeologist 41121 hilary.andrews@durham.ac.uk
Mr Richard Annis Senior Archaeologist 41121 r.g.annis@durham.ac.uk
Dr Carrie Armstrong Assistant Environmental Archaeologist 41538 130 carrie.armstrong@durham.ac.uk
Mr Jamie Armstrong Senior Project Archaeologist 41121 j.d.armstrong@durham.ac.uk
Ms Linda Bosveld Project Support Manager 41121 h.c.bosveld@durham.ac.uk
Mr Peter Carne Manager 41121 p.j.carne@durham.ac.uk
Mr Matt Claydon Senior Archaeologist 41121 matthew.claydon@durham.ac.uk
Dr Helen Drinkall Project Support Technician 41121 h.c.drinkall@durham.ac.uk
Mr Lorne Elliott Palaeoenvironmental Archaeologist 41113 130 lorne.elliott@durham.ac.uk
Miss Vicky Garlick Assistant Teaching Fellow and Archaeological Conservator 41139 240 vicky.garlick@durham.ac.uk
Mr Jonathan Goldberg-booth Assistant Project Archaeologist 41121 jonathan.p.goldberg-booth@durham.ac.uk
Mr David Graham Senior Graphics Technician 41121 d.j.graham@durham.ac.uk
Mr Duncan Hale Senior Archaeologist 41121 d.n.hale@durham.ac.uk
Ms Catrin Jenkins Project Archaeologist 41121 catrin.jenkins@durham.ac.uk
Mr Stuart Johnston Assistant Project Archaeologist 41121 colin.s.johnston@durham.ac.uk
Mr Jeff Lowrey Assistant Project Archaeologist 41121 jeffrey.r.lowrey@durham.ac.uk
Mr Benjamin Matus Assistant Project Archaeologist 41121 benjamin.matus@durham.ac.uk
Ms Meghan McCarthy Assistant Project Archaeologist 41121 meghan.c.mccarthy@durham.ac.uk
Mr Adam Mead Assistant Project Archaeologist 41121 adam.mead@durham.ac.uk
Miss Alice Naylor Assistant Project Archaeologist 41121 a.e.naylor@durham.ac.uk
Ms Jacqueline Neville Archaeological Services Finance Assistant 41580 jacqueline.neville@durham.ac.uk
Dr Charlotte O'Brien Environmental Laboratories Manager 41113 130 charlotte.o'brien@durham.ac.uk
Mr Andy Platell Senior Project Archaeologist 41121 andrew.platell@durham.ac.uk
Mr Al Rae Project Archaeologist 41121 a.a.rae@durham.ac.uk
Mr Mark Randerson Project Archaeologist 41121 m.j.randerson@durham.ac.uk
Ms Jenny Richards Assistant Project Archaeologist 41121 jennifer.richards@durham.ac.uk
Mr Dan Still Project Co-ordinator 41121 d.c.still@durham.ac.uk
Miss Natalie Swann Senior Project Archaeologist 41121 natalie.swann@durham.ac.uk
Mr Richard Villis Senior Geophysicist 41121 richard.villis@durham.ac.uk
Mrs Janine Watson Senior Graphics Technician 41121 j.e.wilson@durham.ac.uk
Miss Laura Watson Assistant Project Archaeologist 41121 laura.e.watson@durham.ac.uk
Ms Rebekah Watson Project Archaeologist 41121 rebekah.watson@durham.ac.uk
Ms Rachel Wells Assistant Project Archaeologist 41121 rachel.wells@durham.ac.uk
Ms Hannah Woodrow Assistant Project Archaeologist 41121 h.j.woodrow@durham.ac.uk
Mr Mark Woolston-Houshold Project Geophysicist 41121 mark.woolston-houshold@durham.ac.uk
Emeritus Staff: Dr Chris Caple Emeritus Reader christopher.caple@durham.ac.uk
Professor John Chapman Emeritus Professor j.c.chapman@durham.ac.uk
Professor Rosemary Cramp Emeritus Professor 41131 235 r.j.cramp@durham.ac.uk