Durham University

Department of Archaeology


Dr Sacha Kacki

Cofund Research Fellow in the Department of Archaeology

(email at sacha.s.kacki@durham.ac.uk)

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  • Castex, D. & Kacki, S. (2015), L’impact des épidémies sur les usages funéraires du passé. Faits archéologiques versus idées reçues, in Treffort, C. eds, Le cimetière au village dans l’Europe médiévale et moderne, Proceedings the 35th International Meeting of the Flaran Abbey. Flaran, France (11-12 October 2013), Presse Universitaire du Midi, 233-251.
  • Bianucci, R. & Kacki, S. (2012), The Archaeology of the Second Plague Pandemic: An overview of French Funerary Contexts, in Harbeck, M., von Heyking, K. & Schwarzberg, H. eds, 2012-3: Sickness, Hunger, War, and Religion: Multidisciplinary Perspectives. Munchen, Germany (4-5 March 2011), 71-74.

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