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Department of Archaeology


Professor John Chapman - all publications

Book chapters: online

  • Chapman, J. & Gaydarska, B. (2009). The fragmentation premise in archaeology: from the Paleolithic to more recent times. In The fragment: an incomplete history. Tronzo, W. Los Angeles: Getty Research Institute. 131-153.
  • Chapman, J. (2008). Approaches to trade and exchange in earlier prehistory (Late Mesolithic – Early Bronze Age). In Prehistoric Europe. Theory and practice. Jones, A. Oxford: Wiley-Blackwell. 333-355.
  • Chapman, J. (2008). Object fragmentation in past landscapes. In Handbook of landscape archaeology. David, B. & Thomas, J. Walnut Creek, CA: Left Coast. 187-201.
  • Chapman, J. (2007). Engaging with the exotic: the production of early farming communities in South-East and Central Europe. In A short walk through the Balkans. The first farmers of the Carpathian Basin and adjacent regions. Spataro, M. & Biagi, P. Trieste: Società per la preistoria i protostoria della regione Friuli-Venezia Giulia. 207 - 222.
  • Chapman, J., Gaydarska, B., Raduntcheva, A. & Koleva, B. (2007). The châine opératoire approach to prehistoric figurines: an example from Dolnoslav, Bulgaria. In Image and imagination, a global prehistory of figurative representation. Renfrew, C. & Morley, I. Cambridge: McDonald Institute. 171 - 184.

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Journal papers: online

  • Kostov, Ruslan I., Protochristov, Christo, Stoyanov, Chavdar Csedreki,László Simon,Alíz Szikszai, Zita Uzonyi, Imre, Gaydarska, Bisserka & Chapman, John (2012). Micro-PIXE Geochemical Fingerprinting of Nephrite Neolithic Artifacts from Southwest Bulgaria. Geoarchaeology 27(5): 457 - 469.
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