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Durham University

Department of Archaeology


Academic Staff: Dr Arwa Badran Lecturer 41127 206B Contact Arwa Badran
Prof Ian Bailiff Professor 41124 301
Dr Mary Brooks Lecturer 41127 206B
Dr Anwen Caffell Teaching Fellow
Professor Mike Church Professor 41153 236
UNESCO Professor Robin Coningham Professor 41145 229
Dr Marta Diaz-Guardamino Lecturer 330
Dr Catherine M. Draycott Lecturer 41138 230
Dr Eva Fernandez-Dominguez Senior Lecturer 41141
Professor Chris Gerrard Professor 41134 203A
Dr Becky Gowland Senior Lecturer 41110 238
Dr Pam Graves Senior Lecturer 41136 201C
Prof Richard Hingley Professor 41164 225
Dr Tina Jakob Teaching Fellow 41116 304
Dr Derek Kennet Senior Lecturer 41135
Dr Dan Lawrence Lecturer 41170 304
Prof Anna Leone Professor 41140 211
Dr Karen Milek Associate Professor (Reader) in Geoarchaeology 41568 228
Dr Andrew R Millard Senior Lecturer 41147 231
Professor Janet Montgomery Professor 42980 201E
Dr Tom Moore Senior Lecturer 41157 201A
Prof Paul Pettitt Professor 41169 214B
Dr David Petts Senior Lecturer 41166 327
Professor Graham Philip Professor 41142 234
Dr Benjamin Roberts Lecturer 41568 237
Prof Charlotte Roberts Professor 41154 223
Prof Peter Rowley-Conwy Professor 41155 224
Prof Chris Scarre Professor 41143 227
Prof Sarah Semple Professor 41115 201D
Professor Robin Skeates Professor & Head of Department 41156 203A
Dr Martin Sterry Teaching Fellow 332A
Professor Mark White Professor 41160 239
Dr Emily Williams Associate Professor 41117 232 Contact Emily Williams
Dr Penny Wilson Senior Lecturer 41159 222
Dr Robert Witcher Associate Professor & Antiquity Editor 41148 214A
Research Staff: Dr Kayt Armstrong Research Associate Contact Kayt Armstrong
Dr Kamal Badreshany Research Associate 41576 112
Dr Claudio Cavazzuti Marie Curie Research Fellow 302 Contact Claudio Cavazzuti
Dr Derek Craig Research Fellow 41120 017 Contact Derek Craig
Dr Emma Cunliffe Research Associate Contact Emma Cunliffe
Dr Christopher Davis Research Associate 303
Dr. Michelle W. de Gruchy Postdoctoral Researcher
Dr Paolo Forlin Research Associate
Dr David Gonzalez-Alvarez Visiting Research Fellow
Dr Kurt Gron Research Associate 328
Dr Loïc Harrault Research Associate
Dr Kristen Hopper Research Associate
Dr Sacha Kacki Cofund Research Fellow
Dr Mark Manuel Research Fellow 41111 226
Dr Kate Mees British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow
Dr Mariacarmela Montesanto Research Associate
Dr Marco Nebbia Research Associate 303
Dr Sayantani Neogi Research Associate Contact Sayantani Neogi
Dr Claire Nesbitt Contact Claire Nesbitt
Dr Ronan O'Donnell Research Associate 41119 302 r.p.o'
Dr Celia Orsini Research Associate Contact Celia Orsini
Dr Angela Perri Cofund Research Fellows Contact Angela Perri
Dr Francesca Pucci-Donati Research Associate Contact Francesca Pucci-Donati
Dr Jonathan Santana-Cabrera Marie Curie Postdoctoral Fellow
Dr Kate Sharpe Research Associate 41119 302
Dr Nicole Smith Research Associate
Dr Anna Stagno Cofund Research Fellow 330 Contact Anna Stagno
Dr Elena Tiribilli Marie Curie Postdoctoral Fellow
Dr Gemma Tully Research Associate
Dr Alessandra Varalli Cofund Research Fellow
Dr Lynn Welton Marie Curie Postdoctoral Fellow Contact Lynn Welton
Dr Ran Zhang Research Associate
Administrative Staff: Mrs Lyn Chatterton Departmental Secretary 41100 203 Contact Lyn Chatterton
Miss Louise Gascoigne Postgraduate Secretary 41109 203 Contact Louise Gascoigne
Mrs Cassandra Hodgkiss Officer for Finance & Research 41102 203
Mrs Joanne Patterson Undergraduate Administrator & PA to Head of Department 41144 206
Technical Staff: Dr Steve Robertson Technician - Archaeological Science 41574 240
Dr Bethan Upex Technician - Archaeological Science 41085 240
Mr Jeff Veitch Technician - Photography 41161 244
Antiquity Staff: Dr Ross Kendall Editorial Assistant
Mrs Elizabeth Ryan Antiquity Editorial Manager
Mr Thomas Swindells Deputy Editorial Manager 201B Contact Thomas Swindells
Archaeological Services Durham University: Mr Daniel Adamson Assistant Project Archaeologist 41121 Contact Daniel Adamson
Ms Hilly Andrews Assistant Project Archaeologist 41121 Contact Hilly Andrews
Mr Richard Annis Senior Archaeologist 41121
Dr Carrie Armstrong Assistant Environmental Archaeologist 41538 130
Mr Jamie Armstrong Senior Project Archaeologist 41121
Miss Janet Beveridge Project Archaeologist 41121
Ms Linda Bosveld Project Support Manager 41121
Mr Peter Carne Manager 41121
Mr Matt Claydon Senior Archaeologist 41121
Dr Helen Drinkall Project Support Technician 41121
Mr Lorne Elliott Palaeoenvironmental Archaeologist 41113 130 Contact Lorne Elliott
Miss Vicky Garlick Assistant Teaching Fellow and Archaeological Conservator 41139 240
Mr Jonathan Goldberg-booth Assistant Project Archaeologist 41121 Contact Jonathan Goldberg-booth
Mr David Graham Senior Graphics Technician 41121
Mr Duncan Hale Senior Archaeologist 41121
Ms Catrin Jenkins Project Archaeologist 41121 Contact Catrin Jenkins
Mr Stuart Johnston Assistant Project Archaeologist 41121 Contact Stuart Johnston
Mr Jeff Lowrey Assistant Project Archaeologist 41121 Contact Jeff Lowrey
Mr Benjamin Matus Assistant Project Archaeologist 41121 Contact Benjamin Matus
Ms Meghan McCarthy Assistant Project Archaeologist 41121 Contact Meghan McCarthy
Mr Adam Mead Assistant Project Archaeologist 41121 Contact Adam Mead
Mr Geno Naughton Assistant Project Archaeologist 41121 Contact Geno Naughton
Miss Alice Naylor Assistant Project Archaeologist 41121 Contact Alice Naylor
Ms Jacqueline Neville Archaeological Services Finance Assistant 41580
Dr Charlotte O'Brien Environmental Laboratories Manager 41113 130 charlotte.o'
Mr Andy Platell Senior Project Archaeologist 41121
Mr Al Rae Project Archaeologist 41121 Contact Al Rae
Mr Mark Randerson Project Archaeologist 41121 Contact Mark Randerson
Ms Jenny Richards Assistant Project Archaeologist 41121 Contact Jenny Richards
Mr Dan Still Project Co-ordinator 41121
Miss Natalie Swann Senior Project Archaeologist 41121 Contact Natalie Swann
Mr Richard Villis Senior Geophysicist 41121 Contact Richard Villis
Mrs Janine Watson Senior Graphics Technician 41121 Contact Janine Watson
Miss Laura Watson Assistant Project Archaeologist 41121 Contact Laura Watson
Ms Rebekah Watson Project Archaeologist 41121 Contact Rebekah Watson
Ms Rachel Wells Assistant Project Archaeologist 41121 Contact Rachel Wells
Ms Hannah Woodrow Assistant Project Archaeologist 41121 Contact Hannah Woodrow
Mr Mark Woolston-Houshold Project Geophysicist 41121
Emeritus Staff: Dr Chris Caple Emeritus Reader
Professor John Chapman Emeritus Professor
Prof Rosemary Cramp Emeritus Professor 41131 235 Contact Rosemary Cramp
Prof Jennifer Price Emeritus Professor