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Department of Archaeology

Past Seminars

 5th March 2014 A Presentation on Their Recent Research

12th March 2014 Not buried and forgotten: post-mortem body manipulation during the Mesolithic-Neolithic period in the Danube Gorges, Serbia

19th March 2014 Animals in Early Neolithic SE Anatolia: Subsistence, Ritual and Symbolism

24th March 2014 Recent Research Re-Writes Rapa Nui (Easter Island) Prehistory

5th November 2014 Recent isotope data from the forest, steppe and North Caucasus regions of Russia

11th November 2014 Symbols for Sale: A Marketing Perspective on Symbolism in Contemporary Consumer Societies.

26th November 2014 Dating the Rise and Fall of the First Egyptian State

3rd December 2014 Animal sacrifice in Western Iberia: pre-Roman origins and Roman transformations.

10th December 2014 Urbanism in ancient Italy: the creation of a new archaeological database.

14th January 2015 An archaeology of identities: Iron Age communities in northeast Gaul.