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Department of Archaeology

Research Postgraduates

Mr Ali Almeqbaali Contact Ali Almeqbaali
Mr Majed Alonazi
Ms Susan Aylard
Mr Samuel Bithell Contact Samuel Bithell
Ms Lily Bossin
Mr Peter Brown
Ms Enas Bubtana
Mr John Carson Contact John Carson
Mr Edward Caswell
Miss Rachel Chappell
Dr Riia Chmielowski Contact Riia Chmielowski
Kelly Marie Clarke Contact Kelly Marie Clarke
Ms Kayla Crowder Contact Kayla Crowder
Mr Luke Dale Contact Luke Dale
Miss Anna Davies-Barrett
Ms Maria De Falco Contact Maria De Falco
Mr Giuseppe Delia Contact Giuseppe Delia
Mr Daniel Eddisford Contact Daniel Eddisford
Mr Ruaridh Ellison Contact Ruaridh Ellison
Mr Malcolm Evans Contact Malcolm Evans
Miss Ana Fernandes-de-Almeida Contact Ana Fernandes-de-Almeida
Ms Kori Lea Filipek
Ms Anna Finneran Contact Anna Finneran
Mr Matthew Fleming Contact Matthew Fleming
Mrs Yasmine Galal Abdel-Maaboud Sallam Contact Yasmine Galal Abdel-Maaboud Sallam
Mr John Gardner Contact John Gardner
Mr Adam Goodfellow
Miss Helen Greetham
Miss Ingrid Grueso-Dominguez Contact Ingrid Grueso-Dominguez
Ms Emily Hanscam
Miss Katie Haworth
Miss Katherine Hill
Mr Israel Hinojosa-Baliño
Mr John Horrocks Contact John Horrocks
Ms Freya Horsfield
Mr Simon Hughes
Ms Floor Huisman
Mr Stephen Humphreys Contact Stephen Humphreys
Ms Ann Jacobsen Contact Ann Jacobsen
Mrs Gulzhan Karibayeva Contact Gulzhan Karibayeva
Mrs Ellen Kendall
Mr Min Kwack
Ms Anouk Lafortune-Bernard
Ms Sophie Laidler
Mr Tristan Lake Contact Tristan Lake
Ms Maryline Lambert
Ms Allison Lee Contact Allison Lee
Mr Antony Lee
Miss Stefanie Leluschko Contact Stefanie Leluschko
Miss Mocen Li
Miss Yi Liang Contact Yi Liang
Miss Madeline Line Contact Madeline Line
Ms Tessi Loeffelmann Contact Tessi Loeffelmann
Miss Esmeralda Lundius
Ms Jillian Maguire
Mr Paschalis Makrogiannelis
Mr Juan Mancilla-Tapia Contact Juan Mancilla-Tapia
Mrs Giorgia Marchiori Contact Giorgia Marchiori
Miss Martina Massimino
Miss Felicity Amelia McDowall
Miss Charlotte McElvaney Contact Charlotte McElvaney
Miss Lisa-Elen Meyering Contact Lisa-Elen Meyering
Ms Jiajing Mo Contact Jiajing Mo
Mr David Moger Contact David Moger
Miss Abigail Molenaar Contact Abigail Molenaar
Miss Joanna Moore
Miss Sarah Morrison
Mrs Anne Mortimer
Mr Cezary Namirski
Mr Andrew Nicholl
Mr Don O'Meara Contact Don O'Meara
Mr Latif Oksuz Contact Latif Oksuz
Miss Barbara Oosterwijk
Mr Aryel Pacheco-Miranda
Miss Julie Peacock Contact Julie Peacock
Mr Bennjamin J. Penny-Mason Contact Bennjamin J. Penny-Mason
Ms Leslie Quade
Mr Jonathan Quiery Contact Jonathan Quiery
Mr Maxime Ratcliffe
Mr Aaron Rawlinson Contact Aaron Rawlinson
Miss Diane Rego
Mrs Vanessa Reid
Mrs Heidi Richards Contact Heidi Richards
Mr Matthew Roberts Contact Matthew Roberts
Mrs Lesley Robinson Contact Lesley Robinson
Miss Bryony Rogers Contact Bryony Rogers
Mr Takashi Sakamoto Contact Takashi Sakamoto
Ms Christina Smith Contact Christina Smith
Miss Lisa Snape-Kennedy
Mrs Martha Stewart Contact Martha Stewart
Mrs Margie Stewart-Piercy Contact Margie Stewart-Piercy
Mr Christoph Streb Contact Christoph Streb
Miss Rebeca Suarez Ferreira
Mr Andrew Tibbs
Ms Samantha Tipper
Mr Edward Treasure
Ms Christina Unwin Contact Christina Unwin
Ms Azadeh Vafadari
Miss Costanza Vecchiet
Ms Lauren Walther
Ms Emma Watson Contact Emma Watson
Mr Samaratunga Weerasinghe Contact Samaratunga Weerasinghe
Miss Rebecca Wells
Ms Indra Werthmann
Ms Janet Sue Wilson
Miss Isobel Wisher