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Department of Archaeology

Current Research Postgraduates

Miss Katie Haworth

(email at

Academic Biography

BA (Hons) in Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic, University of Cambridge (2014)

MPhil with Distinction in Archaeology, University of Cambridge (2016)

Research Topic

Seventh-century Jewellery Sets from Anglo-Saxon England


Elaborate necklaces and pin-suites, characterised by the use of precious metals and exotic raw materials and the influence of Mediterranean styles, represent a key aspect of the considerable investment in well-furnished female burials from across seventh-century Anglo-Saxon England. The women buried with this jewellery clearly enjoyed a particularly prominent role in seventh-century society, but as a phenomenon, these burials and the objects they contain remain poorly understood. This project intends the first comprehensive interrogation of these jewellery sets in terms of their composition and manufacture, considering the social, political and religious context of their production, use and deposition, and assessing their unique role in relation to elite female identity and expression. My research will provide insights into changing Anglo-Saxon material culture, social identities, long-distance trade networks and funerary rites, and elicit new information on the social position of women in the political and religious developments of the seventh century. 


2016: AHRC Northern Bridge Doctoral Scholarship

2015: Pelham Roberts Studentship, Newnham College

2015: Division of Archaeology MPhil bursary

2015: Dorothy Whitelock Studentship

Conference Contributions


2017: 'Wearing heirlooms: the display of reused objects on seventh-century necklaces from Anglo-Saxon England', Theoretical Archaeology Group (TAG) conference, 18-20 December. Cardiff University. 

2017: 'Women and necklaces in seventh-century Anglo-Saxon England'. Society for Medieval Archaeology Student Colloquium, 1-2 December. Newcastle University. 

2017: 'Hidden Gems: Boxes and their Contents in Seventh-Century Anglo-Saxon Graves'. International Congress on Medieval Studies, 11-14 May. Western Michigan University. 


2017: 'How to See Time: a Visual Culture Perspective'. Theoretical Archaeology Group (TAG) conference, 19 December. Cardiff University. Co-organiser.


2017-18: Research Dialogues leader (with K. Clarke). 

2017-18: DMA (Durham Medieval Archaeologists) Co-Chair.

2017-18: MEMSA (Durham's Medieval and Early Modern Student Association) Conference Proceedings, Co-Editor.

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