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Department of Archaeology

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Dr Rosie Bishop

Research Associate in the Department of Archaeology

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My main research interest is the changing nature of the relationship between humans, plants and their environment during the transition to farming in North-West Europe and the environmental consequences of the spread of agriculture across the North Atlantic islands (Atlantic Scotland, Faroes, Iceland and Greenland) from prehistory to the Viking-Norse periods. I am also particularly interested in the archaeobotanical evidence for agricultural innovation and changing wild plant use in Scotland from prehistory to the post-Medieval period and the potential role of environmental archaeology in informing current and future responses to environmental change.


I completed my PhD on Mesolithic-Neolithic plant use in Scotland in the Department of Archaeology, Durham University in 2013 and I am currently a Post-doctoral Research Associate for the Uig Landscape Project (, which will bring to publication the excavation results of a multi-period (Bronze Age-post-Medieval) transhumance landscape at Guinnerso and a Neolithic hearth and palaeoenvironmental sequence at Aird Calanais in Lewis. The latter publication will consider the timing and mechanisms of woodland decline through a novel synthesis of palaeobotanical data from across the region.


I am actively involved in several ongoing excavation and post-excavation projects in Scotland, Iceland and Greenland, including the early Neolithic settlement at the Braes of Ha’Breck, Orkney ( and the Norse site at Brattahlið, Greenland. I am a key member of a Mesolithic research project in the Western Isles, and I am the co-director and archaeobotanist for the recent investigations at Northton, the first Mesolithic site discovered in the Western Isles. I am currently involved in archaeobotanical research for the Icelandic Institute of Archaeology in Reykjavík, and have analysed Viking/Norse samples from Aðalstræti, Reykjavík and Gásir, Northern Iceland.


Another of my research interests is experimental archaeology and I am currently engaged in a number of archaeobotanical taphonomy experiments at the Botanic Gardens.


Research Interests

  • Archaeobotany and environmental archaeology of Scotland, North-West Europe and the North Atlantic islands (Atlantic Scotland, Faroes, Iceland, Greenland) from prehistory-post Medieval period
  • Mesolithic and Neolithic archaeology
  • Agricultural innovation and change in North-West Europe
  • Human-woodland impacts and fuel procurement strategies in hunter-gatherer and early farming groups, and Viking/Norse communities in the North Atlantic islands
  • Experimental archaeology

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Research Groups

  • Bioarchaeology Research Group