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Department of Archaeology

Current Research Postgraduates

Ms Maria Lahtinen

(email at


Diet, migration and the beginning of cultivation in the Medieval site Iin Hamina Northern Finland


Aim in this PhD project is to use isotope analysis to investigate paleodiet and migration in Northern Finland by analyzing prehistoric skeletal remains. The Site Iin Hamina is a cemetery site with 70 in-situ burials and 160 skulls. It was used between 14th and 17th century AD. Historical documents suggest that the beginning of cultivation occurred during 15th to 16th century AD in Northern Ostrobotnia region. In past research, the progression from hunter-gatherer to farming, was examined through comparing different sites. The value of Iin Hamina is the possibility of seeing this evolution in a single site. In general after the Neolithic Revolution, people settled and thus their diet became more terrestrial. The idea that farmers no longer hunted and gathered food is widely accepted. However near the northern border of cultivation this might not be the case.

Research Groups

  • Bioarchaeology Research Group