Durham University

Department of Archaeology

Festival of British Archaeology

Every year the Council for British Archaeology organises the Festival of British Archaeology,  an annual extravaganza of heritage events. This year the Department of Archaeology is involved in a range of activities showcasing the very best of the work being carried out here in Durham.

  • Roman Binchester: Come and see our major excavations at the Roman fort and civilian settlement at Binchester (Co. Durham) on the weekend of 16th-17th July. Roman re-enactors, Roma Antiqua are joined by a detachment of Legio IX and Barbaratus the Roman cavalryman to counter attacks by the Celts and the Nordmanni (Saxon and Viking Living History group). Visit the tented encampment of Roman soldiers and civilian traders. Join the site tours to learn about discoveries made during the new excavations. For further information visit the Durham County Council webpage for Binchester
  • Eating Through Time: A day of talks and 'hands-on' sessions exploring how archaeologists learn about food in the past, and the effects of diet on the human body.

This day of short talks and practical 'hands-on' session will give you the opportunity to:

    * Discover the many strands of evidence archaeologists use to reconstruct what past people ate and how their diets affected them.

    * Explore the ways in which we can use animal bones and plant remains to find out about the foods available, and how they were prepared.

    * Find out how people's diets affected their teeth and bones, and what studying their remains can tell us about the foods they ate.

    * Learn how analysing the chemical composition of bone and teeth can tell us so much more about ancient diet than we previously thought possible.

Talks will be given by specialists from the Department of Archaeology at Durham University. During the practical sessions you will be able to see and handle archaeological remains, guided by researchers from the department. You will also have the chance to try for yourself some of the techniques and methods discussed in the talks. http://www.dur.ac.uk/cba.festival2011/