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Department of Archaeology: Archaeological Services

Research projects

We collaborate with numerous academic staff from Durham University and external organisations on research projects. We carry out archaeological excavations, geophysical surveys and train students and volunteers both in the UK and abroad. We also support projects with our range of post-excavation services such as palaeoenvironmental archaeology and artefact conservation. We also work with academics to maximise the research and impact value of our commercial and community projects, and to implement the Regional Research Agenda for the North East of England.

Some of the research projects we have worked on with academic personnel are listed below.

Professor John Chapman

The Tripillia Mega-Sites Project

Detailed geomagnetic survey of 280ha at Nebelivka, Ukraine. Excavation work, fieldwalking, illustrations, bone and charcoal analysis. See project website

Dr Mike Church

Heart of the Atlantic: cultural landscapes of Sandoy, Faroe Islands

Palaeoenvironmental analysis and publication illustrations.

Uig Landscape Project

Lewis, Western Isles. Publication illustrations. See project website

Excavations at Northton, Outer Hebrides

Palaeoenvironmental services.

UNESCO Professor Robin Coningham

The Natal Landscape of the Buddha

UNESCO funded research project centred on Lumbini, Tilaurakot and Ramagrama, Nepal. Geophysical survey and industrial residues assessment. See project website and Research Impact

Richie Villis in Lumbini, Nepal

Anuradhapura (Sri Lanka) Project

Artefact conservation work. See project website

Geomagnetic surveys of UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Bagerhat, Paharpur and the tentative World Heritage Site of Mahasthangarh, Bangladesh

Heritage Impact Assessments.

Duncan Hale in Bangladesh

Dr Becky Gowland

Geomagnetic, earth electrical resistance and GPR surveys of buried pigs near York as part of forensic body location research

Body location and recovery in forensic contexts

Geophysical survey and human remains excavation and recovery training of members of the police and other participants on a course run by Dr Becky Gowland and Dr Tim Thompson (Teesside University). See Research Impact

Duncan Hale and Natalie Swann teaching Body Location & Recovery

Durham County Council

Sedgefield East Park

Project partners: Durham University and Durham County Council. Geophysical surveys, archaeological excavations and training for Durham University students and local volunteers.

Part of the geophysical survey of the Roman settlement at Sedgefield

Binchester Roman Fort

Project partners: Durham University, Durham County Council,, Texas Tech University and the Archaeological and Architectural Society of Durham and Northumberland.

Geophysical surveys, palaeoenvironmental coring, archaeological excavations and training for students from Durham University, students and volunteers from the U.S.A. and local volunteers.

See project blog and Research Impact

The Binchester International Field School

Dr Jim Innes (Department of Geography)

The Swale-Ure Washlands Project

Radiocarbon material identification.

Dr Derek Kennett

Geophysical surveys at Saruq al-Hadid, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

For Dubai Municipality with consultation from Dr Derek Kennet.

Duncan Hale and Richie Villis in Dubai

Duncan and Richie in Dubai

Dr David Petts

Geomagnetic and earth electrical resistance surveys of Margrove Park and Hamsterley Forest Labour/POW camps

Geomagnetic surveys at Holy Island (Lindisfarne), Northumberland

The Yarrow Stone in its Landscape Context: A geophysical survey of the Landscape

Geomagnetic survey of the Yarrow Stone, Selkirk.

North-East Heritage Partnership

International field school and research project at Binchester.

Local volunteers on the Binchester International Field School

Professor Charlotte Roberts

Bamburgh Bowl-Hole Anglian Cemetery

Geophysical surveys. See project website

Professor Chris Scarre (Editor of Antiquity)

Island of the Dead? The buried Neolithic landscape of Herm

Geomagnetic, earth electrical resistance and GPR surveys. See project website

Geomagnetic, earth electrical resistance and environmental borehole surveys of Broadsands Chambered Tomb, Paignton, Devon

Geophysical surveys, topographic surveys and excavation at Long Meg and Her Daughters, Cumbria

Research and community archaeology project.

Local volunteers at Long Meg and Her Daughters

Dr Penny Wilson

Saïs and its Hinterland: Dynamics and Power in the West Nile Delta

Detailed geomagnetic survey of 12.5ha. See project website

Ukraine: a small part of the geophysical survey at the prehistoric mega-site showing the inner and outer rings of houses

Duncan Hale inTilaurakot, Nepal

Patricia Voke in a rice paddy in Tilaurakot, Nepal

Natalie Swann in Araurakot, Nepal

Duncan and Richie teaching Body Location & Recovery

Durham University students at the Sedgefield excavation

Former Durham University Chancellor Bill Bryson visits the Sedgefield excavation with local media attending

Richie locating surveys in Dubai

Volunteers at the Binchester excavation

Volunteer at Binchester

Volunteers at the Long Meg excavation

Volunteer at Long Meg