Durham University

Department of Anthropology

Research Staff

NamePositionEmailResearch Interests
Dr Nasima Akhter nasima.akhter@durham.ac.uk
  • Health inequality
  • Nutritional assessment, Obesity
  • Evaluation of intervention
  • Bangladeshi Diaspora in the UK
  • Food security and livelihood
Dr Claire Dungey PDRA claire.e.dungey@durham.ac.uk
  • Friendship and kinship
  • Futures
  • Gender and transport
  • Mobility
  • The anthropology of education
Ms Raihana Ferdous Research Assistant raihana.ferdous@durham.ac.uk
  • Energy and Society
  • Gender
  • Low Carbon Energy Transition
  • Political Economy
  • South Asia
  • Urban
Dr Alex Flynn Assistant Professor (Research) alex.flynn@durham.ac.uk
  • Contemporary art
  • Politics and aesthetics
  • Prefigurative politics
  • Social mobilisation
  • Subjectivity
  • Utopia
Dr Adetayo Kasim a.s.kasim@durham.ac.uk
  • Clinical and Social Trials, Health Inequality, Anthropology of Health and Big Data
Dr Sharon Kessler Marie Curie Fellow sharon.e.kessler@durham.ac.uk
  • primate behaviour and cognition
  • health signalling
  • evolutionary medicine
  • conservation medicine
  • evolution of care-giving in humans
  • agent-based models
  • bioacoustics
Dr Papreen Nahar Research Fellow papreen.nahar@durham.ac.uk
  • Health and Wellbeing of the Diaspora Community
  • Health Security in Relation to Environmental Disaster
  • M-Health
  • Reproductive Health Issues of Both Males and Females (Infertility, Maternal Health, Family Planning, Pregnancy Behaviour, Sexuality)
Dr Tehseen Noorani Marie Curie Fellow tehseen.n.noorani@durham.ac.uk -
Dr Leonidas Oikonomakis Junior Research Fellow leonidas.oikonomakis@durham.ac.uk
  • autonomy
  • Bolivia
  • Buen Vivir
  • Cocaleros
  • commons
  • Greece
  • latin american politics
  • México
  • revolutions
  • social movements
  • Zapatismo
  • political ethnography
Dr Felix Ringel Junior Research Fellow felix.ringel@durham.ac.uk
  • anthropology of Europe
  • anthropology of the future
  • anthropology of time
  • postindustrial urban regeneration
  • postsocialist anthropology
  • social sustainability
  • urban anthropology
  • urban sustainability
Dr Charlotte Russell Sleep Lab Manager & Impact Evidence Manager c.k.russell@durham.ac.uk -
Dr Akansha Singh Postdoctoral Research Associate akansha.singh@durham.ac.uk -
Dr Catherine Taylor Research Associate c.e.taylor@durham.ac.uk
  • Breastfeeding
  • Infant care practices
  • Maternal-Infant health
  • Maternity services
  • Medical Anthropology
  • Parent-Infant sleep
  • Qualitative health research
Dr. Jennifer A. Thompson Visiting Research Fellow jennifer.a.thompson@durham.ac.uk
  • Gender
  • Intersectionality
  • Water
  • Participatory visual methodologies
Dr Britta Turner Research Associate britta.turner@durham.ac.uk
  • Low carbon energy transitions
  • Solar waste and value chains
Dr Katy Williams Junior Research Fellow k.s.williams@durham.ac.uk
  • Human-wildlife conflict
  • Predator ecology and conservation
  • Perceptions of animals