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Department of Anthropology

Research Staff

Dr Papreen Nahar - all publications

Authored book

  • Translated by Papreen Nahar & Original by Sonia Nishat Amin (2003). The world of Muslim Women in Colonial Bengal, 1876-1939 (Translated from English to Bengali). Bangla Academy Publishers, Dhaka.

Book review

  • Nahar, P. (2010). Book review. Medische Anthropologie 463-465.

Chapter in book

  • Nahar, P. (2015). Childlessness in Bangladesh: Women’s Experiences of Access to Biomedical Services for Infertility. In Accessing Assisted Reproductive Technologies: Issues of Culture and Diversity (Working Title). Simpson, R. & Hamshire, K. Oxford: Berghahn.
  • Nahar, P., Collins, A.E., Alamgir, F., Ray-Bennett, N.S. & Bhuiya, A. (2011). Interrelations between water, health and livelihood in disasters. In Interlacing Water and Human Health: Case Studies from South Asia. Prakash, A., Saravanan, V.S. & Chourey, J. Sage Publication, New Delhi, India. 405-424.
  • Nahar, P. (2011). Understanding the stigma of childlessness through the meaning of ‘mandatory motherhood’. In Roads and Boundaries: Travels in search of (re-) connection. Tankink, M. & Vysma, M. Diemen, the Netherlands. 132-141.
  • Nahar, P. (2010). Mystery of empty laps: Life of childless women in Bangladesh. In Obgyn: Issues in Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Health. Belgium: Universa Press. 28-34.
  • Nahar, P. (2010). State of women’s health in 18th and 19th centuries in capital Dhaka. In Women in Capital Dhaka. Bangladesh Asiatic society, Dhaka. Sonia Nishat Amin Bangladesh Asiatic society, Dhaka. 113-127.
  • Nahar, P. (2010). Violence against childless women in Bangladesh. In Gender based violence and sexual and reproductive health. Donta, B., Shah, I. & Puri, C.P. National Institute for Research in Reproductive Health, World Health Organisation, and Indian Society for the Reproduction and Fertility, Mumbai. 11-30.
  • Sharmin, T., Nahar, P. & Chowdhury, K.K. (2009). Lay perception about illnesses and healthcare providers. In Health for the Rural Masses - Insights from Chakaria. Bhuiya, A. Print Link Printers. 55-66.

Conference Paper

  • Kazakos, K., Asthana, S., Balaam, M., Duggal, M., Holden, A., Jamir, L., Kannuri, N., Kumar, S., Mamindla, A., Manikam, A., Murthy, M., Nahar, P., Phillimore, P., Sathyanath, S., Singh, P., Singh, M., Wright, P., Yadav, D. & Olivier, P. (2016), A Real-Time IVR Platform for Community Radio, 2016 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems - CHI '16. San Jose, California, Association for Computing Machinery, New York, NY, USA, 343-354.

Doctoral Thesis

  • Nahar, P. (2007). Childlessness in Bangladesh: Suffering and resilience among rural and urban women. University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands. PhD.

Journal Article

Masters Thesis

  • Nahar, P. (1999). The wings of the butterfly: Reproductive life and self-image of Dutch women with epilepsy. University of Amsterdam. Masters.
  • Nahar, P. (1993). Changing pattern of marital partner selection among middleclass Muslim families in Bangladesh. University of Dhaka. Masters.


  • Nahar, P. (2010). Do they match? Young people’s realities and needs relating to sexuality and youth friendly service provision in Bangladesh. Rutgers WPF and International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF).