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Durham University

Department of Anthropology


Publication details for Dr Adetayo Kasim

Otava, M., Shkedy, Z. & Kasim, A. (2014). Prediction of gene expression in human using rat in vivo gene expression in Japanese Toxicogenomics Project. Systems Biomedicine 2(1): 8-15.

Author(s) from Durham


The Japanese Toxicogenomics Project (TGP) provides large amount of data for the toxicology and safety framework. We focus on gene expression data of rat in vivo and human in vitro. We consider two different analyses for the TGP data. The first analysis is based on two-way analysis of variance model and the goal is to detect genes with significant dose-response relationship in both humans and rats. The second analysis consists of a trend analysis at each time point and the goal is to detect genes in the rat in order to predict gene expression in humans. The first analysis leads us to conclusions about the heterogeneity of the compound set and will suggest how to address this issue to improve future analyses. In the second part, we identify, for particular compounds, groups of genes that are translatable from rats to humans, so they can be used for prediction of human in vitro data based on rat in vivo data.