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Department of Anthropology

Academic Staff

Prof Catherine Alexander

Telephone: +44 (0) 191 33 41622
Fax: +44 (0) 191 33 41615
Room number: D106B

(email at

I’ve carried out fieldwork in Turkey, Kazakhstan and Britain on changing relations between state, market and the third sector, the built environment, migration, waste and technology. My most recent period of fieldwork explored how formerly elite closed ‘nuclear’ towns in Kazakhstan were trying to re-connect to broader economies. I read English Literature at Durham, later moving to social anthropology at Cambridge University; inbetween I worked for a number of central government departments in Britain and Turkey. I moved to the Durham Anthropology Department in 2012 after ten years working in Goldsmiths.

Research Interests

  • Economic and political anthropology
  • Changing property regimes
  • Privatisation
  • Third / voluntary sector
  • Wastes (including recycling)
  • Bureaucracy
  • Indeterminacy
  • Failure
  • Inequalities
  • Migration
  • Urban anthropology
  • Social/public housing
  • Post-socialism
  • Middle East (Turkey)
  • Central Asia (Kazakhstan)
  • Britain


Authored book

Book review

  • Alexander, C. (2009). Review of One Homeland or two? The nationalization and transnationalization of Mongolia’s Kazakhs. Central Asian Survey 29(3): 361-3.

Chapter in book

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  • Alexander, C (2013). Soviet and Post-Soviet Planning in Almaty, Kazakhstan. In Public Sector Reform. Massey, A Sage Publications Ltd. 3: 165-181.
  • Alexander, C. (2013). The Garden as Occasional Domestic Space. In The Domestic Space Reader. Briganti, C. & Mezei, K. Toronto: University of Toronto Press.
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  • Alexander, C. (2012). Remont: works in progress. In Economies of recycling: the global transformation of materials, values and social relations. Alexander, C. & Reno, J. Zed Books. 255-275.
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Edited book

Edited Journal

  • Alexander, Catherine, , Hojer Bruun, Maja, & Koch, Insa (2018). Moral Economies of Housing. Critique of Anthropology, 38 (2): Sage Publications Ltd.

Journal Article

Research Groups