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Department of Anthropology

Academic Staff

NameTelephoneEmailResearch Interests
Dr Simone Abram Contact Simone Abram
  • Energy and Society
  • Inhabitation and Property
  • Local Planning
  • Planning Practice and Education
  • Practices of Public Participation
Prof Catherine Alexander 41622 -
Prof Helen L. Ball 41602
  • Behaviour and physiology of infant sleep
  • Child sleep and obesity
  • Development of sleep patterns and circadian rhythms
  • Evolutionary medicine
  • Human behaviour: parenting, infant care, infant mortality, SIDS, infanticide
  • Midwifery and postnatal care
  • Infant feeding and sleeping
Prof Robert A. Barton 41603
  • Behavioural ecology and sociobiology
  • Comparative studies of brain size and structure in relation to behavioural ecology
  • Evolution of mamalian reproductive traits
  • Primate evolution and behaviour
Dr Sandra Bell 43311
  • Environmental anthropology
  • European wetlands
  • Interdisciplinarity
  • Socio-technical systems of energy
  • Western Buddhism
Prof Gillian Bentley 40690 (Stockton)
  • Behavioural ecology
  • Early life development and later life health
  • Evolutionary medicine
  • Overweight/obesity and child health
  • Reproductive ecology
Prof Alan Bilsborough 41625
  • Human evolution, especially the functional basis for cranial diversity in early hominids and the reconstruction of evolutionary patterns
  • The interaction of social and biological variables in human biology, with particular reference to patterns of nutrition and disease
Dr Hannah Brown 40244
  • Community-Based Health Care
  • East Africa, Kenya
  • Global Health and Development
  • Health Governance
  • Hospitals
Dr Trudi Buck 40254
  • Applications of geometric morphometrics to human evolution
  • Biological anthropology from material culture
  • Early human migrations
  • Forensic anthropology
  • Public engagement with science and anthropology
  • The evolution of human craniofacial diversity
Dr Ben Campbell 41621
  • Biotechnology and post-agrarian rural economies
  • Conservation and social justice
  • Culture and sustainability
  • Environmental anthropology
  • Food cultures
  • Indigenous knowledge and development
  • Low carbon energy transitions
  • Nepal and Himalayas
  • South Asia and social theory
Prof Michael B. Carrithers 41634 Contact Michael B. Carrithers
  • Narrative as a form of social and cultural understanding
  • Nature of publics and public sphere
  • Sociality
  • Theories of interaction, dialogism and mutualism, activity theory
  • Rhetoric and culture
  • Rhetoric of photography
  • East Germany
Dr Peter J. Collins 41604
  • Aesthetics
  • Britain, Kenya
  • Hospitals
  • Qualitative research methods
  • Religion, ritual and symbolism
  • Space and place
Dr Iain Edgar 41629
  • Humanistic groupwork in research and teaching
  • Imagination and dreaming
  • Welfare and community care
Dr Yulia Egorova 41598
  • Jewish communities in Asia and Africa
  • Religions of South Asia
  • Socio-cultural implications of genomics
  • Judaising movements
Dr Sarah Elton 40241
  • Ecology, palaeobiology and palaeoecology
  • Evolutionary medicine
  • Functional morphology
  • Old World monkey biogeography
  • Plio-Pleistocene hominin evolution
  • Primate locomotion
Dr Alex Flynn 43308
  • Academe and engagement
  • Brazil and the UK
  • Contemporary Art Worlds
  • Cultural politics
  • Mass media and narrative
  • Social movements
  • Squatting, occupation, and protest
  • Theatre performance
  • Transformation
Dr Paolo Fortis 43309
  • Aesthetics
  • Amerindian societies
  • Anthropology of art
  • Myth and history
  • Panama
  • Personhood
  • Power and violence
  • Shamanism
Dr Charles Gullick 41617 Contact Charles Gullick
  • Cognitive and Cultural Anthropology
  • Ethnohistory
  • Folklore and Material Culture
  • Intercultural Communications
  • Management Studies
Dr Kate Hampshire 43313
  • Africa
  • Demography
  • Health and disease
  • Human ecology
  • Livelihood strategies and security
  • Nomads, migrants and other mobile populations
  • Pastoralists
  • Sahel
Dr Russell Hill 41601 Contact Russell Hill
  • Primate Behaviour and Ecology
  • Predator-Prey Interactions
  • Felid Behaviour and Ecology
  • Conservation and Human-Wildlife Conflict
Dr Jeremy Kendal 41630
  • Cultural evolution
  • Cultural niche construction
  • Gene-culture coevolution
  • Social learning
Dr Rachel Kendal (nee Day) 41627
  • Social Learning
  • Behavioural Innovation
  • Cultural Evolution
  • Applications to Welfare, Conservation & Science Communication
Miss Charlotte King Contact Charlotte King -
Dr Elisabeth Kirtsoglou 43313
  • Gender
  • Greece
  • Identity
Dr Kris (Fire) Kovarovic 41628
  • African Plio-Pleistocene palaeoecology
  • Early hominin environments and methods for reconstructing habitats
  • Faunal community ecology
  • Mammalian functional morphology (particularly ungulates)
  • Tracing environmental change
Dr Jamie F. Lawson 41661 Contact Jamie F. Lawson
  • Human sex and sexuality
  • Sex / gender and the relationship between biological and social categories
  • Heteronormativity in science - evolutionary approaches to sexual orientation, trans* and queer
  • Attractiveness and mating strategy
  • Evolutionary anthropology
Prof Robert H. Layton 41636 Contact Robert H. Layton
  • Anthropology and archaeology of art in non-literate societies
  • Evolution of social behaviour
  • Indigenous land rights
  • Social change, especially among French peasants and Australian Aborigines
Dr Stephen M. Lyon 41597
  • Conflict resolution, political and legal anthropology
  • Cultural Systems
  • Kinship and Social Networks
  • Pakistan
  • Islam
  • Computing and Anthropology
Dr Claudia Merli 43310
  • Medical anthropology
  • Reproductive health
  • Gender, embodiment
  • Thailand, Muslim minority
  • Female genital cutting
  • Male circumcision
  • Natural hazards, tsunami, catastrophes and religion
  • Ethnopsychiatry, anthropology of mental illness, PTSD
  • Culture-bound syndromes
Dr Alex Mesoudi 40248
  • Cultural evolution
  • Social learning
  • Gene-culture coevolution
  • Evolution and human behaviour
Dr Nayanika Mookherjee 43296
  • Anthropology of politics, state, violence, memory, and human rights
  • Gendered violence during wars
  • Aesthetics, affective apparatus (museums, memorials), senses and the nation-state
  • Political kinship and transnational adoption
  • Ethics
  • South Asia
Dr Tessa M. Pollard 41623
  • Evolutionary perspectives on 'western' diseases
  • Lifestyle, inequalities and cardiovascular diseases / type 2 diabetes
  • The health of migrant populations in the UK, especially in relation to South Asians
  • Early life influences on health (e.g. the thrifty phenotype) in relation to populations in transition
  • Stress and health
Dr Ian Rickard 40246
  • Evolutionary ecology
  • Human biology
  • Individual variation
  • Life history theory
  • Natural selection
Dr Andrew J. Russell 43312
  • Medical anthropology
  • Tobacco (its use and control)
Dr Jo Setchell 41633
  • Growth and ontogeny
  • Interactions between hormones, immunity and reproduction
  • Reproductive strategies
  • Secondary sexual traits and signalling in males and females
  • Socioendocrinology
  • Primate behavioural ecology
  • Sexual selection
  • Life history strategies and phenotypic plasticity
  • Ethnoprimatology
Prof Paul Sillitoe 41632 Contact Paul Sillitoe
  • Development and social change
  • Economic anthropology and tribal socio-political orders
  • Environmental anthropology and natural resources management
  • Human ecology and ethnosciences
  • Indigenous knowledge and participating development
  • Livelihood and technology
  • Melanesia and South Asia
Professor Bob Simpson 41619
  • 'Human subject research' and the ethics of experimentation involving humans
  • Comparative bioethics
  • Kinship and the new reproductive and genetic technologies
  • Kinship, divorce, and relationship breakdown in Western societies
  • Narrative and biography
  • Sri Lanka, ritual tradition and performance
  • Tissue economies [as these relate to organs, gametes and embryos]
Dr Malcolm T. Smith 41600 Contact Malcolm T. Smith
  • Current patterns of human evolution, inferred from genetic studies of contemporary British populations and predicted from historical demography
  • Historical genetics, inbreeding
  • Migration and the distribution of surnames
Prof Veronica Strang
  • Cultural landscapes
  • Environmental anthropology
Dr Jamie Tehrani 41631
  • Cultural evolution
  • Phylogenetic analysis of culture
  • Social learning
  • Cognitive anthropology
  • Oral traditions
  • Material culture
  • Fairy tales
Dr Thomas Yarrow 41624
  • Activism
  • Development knowledge and practice
  • Heritage Conservation
  • Intersections between Archaeology and Anthropology
  • Life history and personal narrative
  • NGOs and Civil Society
  • Space and Place
  • The social construction of policy knowledge
  • West Africa