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Durham University

Department of Anthropology

Previous PhD Theses

Disease, Morality and Bioethics: An Ethnographic Study of a TB Vaccine Trial Site in South Africa. (Justin Dixon, 2017)

‘Hands Up’: Female Call Centre Workers’ Labour, Protest and Health in the Seoul Digital Industrial Complex, Korea. (Kwanwook Kim, 2017)

Childhood Obesity in Bangladeshi Immigrants: A biocultural investigation. (Erika McClure, 2017)

Understanding the place and meaning of physical activity in the lives of young people: An ethnographic study with two youth centres in a low-income urban area of Northern England. (Stephanie Morris, 2017)

The Indigeneity question: State Violence, Forced Displacement and Women's Narratives in the Chittagong Hill Tracts of Bangladesh. (Zobaida Nasreen, 2017)

“From the Café We Went to War”: Political Manoeuvring and Protest in Pristina's Public Spaces. (Christopher Diming, 2016)

Human-primate conflict: an interdisciplinary evaluation of wildlife crop raiding on commercial crop farms in Limpopo Province, South Africa. (Leah Findlay, 2016)

Immunities at the margins: Negotiating health and bodily care among Haredi Jews in the UK. (Benjamin Kasstan, 2016)

Entangling Molecules: an ethnography of a carbon offset project in Madagascar’s eastern rainforest. (Sara Pena-Valderrama, 2016)

An Ethnographic Analysis of the Use of Schooling as an International Development Tool in Eragayam Tengah, Papua. (Rachel Shah, 2016)

Juvenile primates in the context of their social group: a case study of chacma baboons (Papio ursinus) in an afro-montane environment. (Peter Tomlin, 2016)

The Influence of Red Colouration on Human Perception of Aggression and Dominance in Neutral Settings. (Diana Wiedemann, 2016)

Collaborations, Connections & Participation: An ethnographic study of dementia research in the UK. (Sally Ann Atkinson, 2015)

An Ethnographic Account of Reiki Practice in Britain. (Dori Beeler, 2015)

Exposing multiple malarias: A photo-ethnography of young people's malaria-related health practice in the Philippines. (Dalia Iskander, 2015)

Policy in perspective: Assessing the relationship between malnourishment in children and school meal legislation since the early 20th Century. (Victoria McGowan, 2015)

The Quality and Outcomes Framework as a Biomedical Technology: Consequences for UK General Practice. (Armando Norman, 2015)

Volunteering in Higher Education: Gifts, Virtues or Obligations? (Joanna Puckering, 2015)

People, place, and politics: Everyday-life in post-tsunami coastal Sri Lanka. (Maurice Said, 2015)

The persistence of memory: history, family and smoking in a Durham coalfield village. (Jane Thirlway, 2015)

A socio-ecological approach towards understanding conflict between leopards (Panthera pardus) and humans in South Africa: Implications for leopard conservation and farming livelihoods. (Natasha Constant, 2014)

BradICS: Bradford Infant Care Study: A qualitative study of infant care practices and unexpected infant death in an urban multi-cultural UK population. (Denise Crane, 2014)

Experimental and theoretical models of cultural evolution. (Marius Kempe, 2014)

The Impact of Mother-Infant Postnatal Proximity and Birth Intervention on Breastfeeding Outcomes. (Lyn Robinson, 2014)

Wildlife tourism and conservation: an interdisciplinary evaluation of gorilla ecotourism in Dzanga-Sangha, Central African Republic. (Kathryn Shutt, 2014)

Content Biases in the Cultural Transmission and Evolution of Urban Legends. (Joseph Stubbersfield, 2014)

Battling with their past and fighting for their future: A study of the experiences and identities of a group of British Army students in UK higher education. (Kim Webb, 2014)

'Coral reef fish and the aquarium trade: Ecological impacts and socio-cultural influences in southern Sri-Lanka' (James Howard, 2013)

'A comparison of physical activity and dietary behaviours of British Pakistani and White British girls aged 9 to 11 years living on Teesside' (Yvonne Hornby-Turner, 2013)

'Spatial and temporal determinants of samango monkey (Cercopithecus mitis erythrarchus) resource acquisition and predation avoidance behaviour' (Ben Coleman, 2013)

'No-one can kill the drought: Understanding complexity in the relationship between drought and conflict amongst pastoralists in northern Kenya' (Carla Handley, 2013)

'Locating ethics: capacity building, ethics review and research governance across Asia' (Rachel Douglas-Jones, 2013)

'The impact of land reform in Zimbabwe on the conservation of cheetahs and other large carnivores' (Sam Wlliams, 2013)

'Travel routes and spatial abilities Chacma Baboons (Papio ursnius)' (Anne de Raad, 2012)

'Assessing the impact of two sleep interventions on ‘normal’ children’s sleep practices' (Meg Newark, 2012)

'Exploring the short sleep-obesity association in young children' Caroline Jones (2011)

'Crisis and prosperity: Status, accountability and time in central Greece' Daniel Knight (2011)

'By the community, for the community: an investigation of participatory video with Karrayyu Oromo pastoralists in the Awash Valley, Ethiopia' Beth Cullen (2011)

'The embers of Allah: Islam and identity in a Bosnian village' David Henig (2011)

'The status and conservation potential of carnivores outside the national parks and reserves, Botswana - The Ghanzi farmlands: A case study' Vivien Kent (2011)

'Leopard population dynamics, trophy hunting and conservation in the Soutpansberg Mountains, South Africa' Julia Chase-Grey (2011)

'Using life-history theory to evaluate the night-time parenting strategies of first-time adolescent and adult mothers' Lane Volpe (2010)

'Power, governance and representation: An anthropological analysis of kinship, the Ndrangheta and dance within the Greek linguistic minority of Reggio Calabria, South Italy' Stavroula Pipyrou (2010)

'Terroni and Polentoni: Where does the truth lie? An anthroplogy of social networks and ethnicity in Palermo (Sicily), Italy' Stergios Pardalis (2010)

'Melting snow: The changing roles of Iqaluit women in family, work and society' Mathilde Matthijsse (2010)

'Enslaving development: An anthropological enquiry into the world of NGO' Manzarul Mannan (2010)