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Durham University

Department of Anthropology

Previous Masters Theses

Sustaining Energy-Saving Behaviour: A Case Study of an Employee Energy Conservation Campaign

Investigating the Effects of Adverse Environmental Conditions During Early-life Upon the Future Reproductive Schedules of British Men and Women.

Principles of Evolutionary Medicine in Programmes against Malaria

The Construction of Local Identity in the Heritage Industry

A Physiological And Social Enquiry Into The Swaddling Of Infants With Regard To Sleep

Living in the Shadow of Fragmented Identity: A Case Study of Chinese Overseas Homosexual Students in the UK Universities

An Examination of the UK Fracking Debate and the Tactics and Methodologies Used in InfluencIing Government Policy

“I Forgot the Talking Horse!”: A Transmission Chain Study of the Effects of Minimally Counterintuitive Elements on Faithful Transmission of Fairy Tales

Re-assessing the Meat Acquisition Strategies of Plio-Pleistocene Hominins: An Actualistic Study.

Advocating for Children and Adolescents Living with HIV in Harare, Zimbabwe

'The 2D:4D ratio and social behaviour in female chacma baboons: Dominance, aggression, affiliation and interest in infants' (Caroline Howlett, 2013)

'Ethnic identity, political identity and ethnic conflict: simulating the effect of congruence between two identities on ethnic violence and conflict' (Daniel Wigmore-Shepherd, 2013)

'Recording the senses, playing with perceptions. Can an anthropologist learn anything from learning to make a film?' (Steve Wilson, 2013)

'Electric car cultures: An ethnography of the everyday use of electric vehicles in the UK' Joanne Brady (2011)

'Emotional social networks and interpersonal communication of emerging adults' Peter Tomlin (2010)

'The 'Got Milk' project: The timing of Lactogenesis Phasell: The impact of mother-infant proximity' (2009)

'The 'retention in randomised control trials (RRCT)' project' Dawn Mee (2009)