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Dr Muhammad Aurang Zeb Mughal, MSc, PhD

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Aurang Zeb is a social anthropologist with research and teaching interests in the cultural perception of time and space, international development, globalisation, rural social organisation, South Asia, and Pakistan. After obtaining MSc in anthropology from Quaid-i-Azam University, he worked at the World Bank and Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund on socioeconomic development. In 2009, Durham University awarded him the competitive Durham Doctoral Fellowship. He has received his PhD in 2014 and the Pro-Vice Chancellor of the Faculty of the Social Sciences at Durham University awarded him the Outstanding Performance Award. His doctoral research focused on the social organisation of time and space in relation to social change in rural Pakistan. In addition to authoring several research papers, reviews, and essays in authoritative reference volumes, he has edited special issues, and is serving as editorial board member, of several international journals. He has served as the associate editor for the three out of ten volumes of the Berkshire Encyclopedia of Sustainability. He has organised various international events including a panel on social change in South Asia at the World Congress of Anthropology 2013, held in Manchester. He also chaired the organising committee of the Royal Anthropological Institute’s First Annual Postgraduate Conference 2011.

Research and Teaching Interests

  • The Social Organisation of Time and Space
  • Languages, Politics, and History of Pakistan and South Asia
  • Climate Change and Environmental Sustainability
  • Poverty Alleviation, Urbanisation and Globalisation
  • Temporalities, Spaces and Economies of Sports

Selected Awards and Funding

  • Durham Doctoral Fellowship: Durham University (2009-2011)
  • The Pro-Vice Chancellor’s Outstanding Performance Award: Durham University (2011)
  • Radcliffe-Brown and Firth Trust Funds for Social Anthropological Research (Sutasoma Award): Royal Anthropological Institute (RAI), UK (2011)
  • Editorial Bursary: Durham Anthropology Journal (2012-2013)
  • Doctoral Bursary: The Charles Wallace Pakistan Trust, UK (2011)
  • Best Study Design (Poster): Annual Anthropology Postgraduate Conference, Durham University (2011)
  • Grant for Panel at the IUAES World Congress 2013: Association of Association of Social Anthropologists of the UK and Commonwealth (ASA)

Professional Service

  • Co-organizer, Interventions, Occupations and Insurgencies (IOI) Conference, 19–20 September 2013. Durham Global Security Institute (DGSI), Durham University
  • Panel Convener, Development, Socio-cultural and Political Change in South Asia. 17th World Congress of the International Union of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences (IUAES), 05–10 August 2013. University of Manchester, UK
  • Co-organizer, The Pakistan Workshop: Nation, Region and Province, 10–12 May 2013. Lake District, UK
  • Chair of the Organizing Committee, Royal Anthropological Institute’s First Annual Postgraduate Conference, 20 September 2011. Durham University
  • AdvisorThis Good Earth: A Short History of Human Impact on the Natural World. 2014. Berkshire Publishing, Great Barrington, USA
  • Associate Editor, Berkshire Encyclopedia of Sustainability, Vols. 7-9, 2012. Berkshire Publishing, Great Barrington, USA
  • Editorial and Review Board Member,Journal of Rural Community Psychology
  • Editorial Board Member, Recreation and Society in Africa, Asia and Latin America

Research Groups

Department of Anthropology

Durham Global Security Institute

  • Contextualising Conflict


Books: reviews

Conference papers

Edited works: journals

Essays in edited volumes

  • Mughal, Muhammad Aurang Zeb. (2013). Bloch, Maurice. In Theory in Social and Cultural Anthropology: An Encyclopedia. McGee, Reece Jon & Warms, Richard L. Thousand Oaks, Calif.: SAGE. 1: 77-80.
  • Mughal, Muhammad Aurang Zeb. (2013). Persian Gulf desert and semi-desert. In Biomes and ecosystems. Howarth, Robert Warren Ipswich, Mass.: Salem. 3: 1000-1002.
  • Mughal, Muhammad Aurang Zeb. (2012). Brazil. In Native Peoples of the World: An Encyclopedia of Groups, Cultures, and Contemporary Issues. Steven L. Danver (ed.). London & New York: Routledge. 3: 579-581.
  • Weiss, Anita M. & Mughal, Muhammad Aurang Zeb. (2012). Pakistan. In Berkshire encyclopedia of sustainability. Kotzé, Louis & Morse, Stephen Great Barrington, Mass.: Berkshire. 9 (Afro-Eurasia: Assessing Sustainability): 236-240.
  • Mughal, Muhammad Aurang Zeb. (2011). Harappan seals. In World history encyclopedia. McGeough, Kevin Murray Santa Barbara, Calif.: ABC-CLIO. 4: 706-707.
  • Mughal, Muhammad Aurang Zeb. (2009). Time, absolute. In Encyclopedia of time science, philosophy, theology, and culture. Birx, H. James Thousand Oaks, Calif.: Sage. 3: 1254-1255.

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