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Department of Anthropology

Interdisciplinary Research in Anthropology

We need to collect information on our interdisciplinary (ID in the rest of the form) research for our research environment document as well as a way of updating our anthropology research strategy document. It is important that a) we capture small things as well as large things as we might be able to enumerate this information b) It is also important to remember that this is a two stage process: first, in this exercise we would be recording data from 2014 till now which I realise needs a bit of effort. Thereafter, we could record in real time or annually (like the way we gather the HEBCIS data) until the census date in order to compile the baseline evidence for the the optimal environment narrative. This information is critical when it comes to presenting evidence about our interdisciplinarity which is central to our research strategy document. Please provide relevant information below.

Evidence of Interdisciplinary (ID) Research
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