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Department of Anthropology

Indicators of Esteem

We need to collect information on research ‘esteem’ for our research environment document. ‘Esteem’ refers to your overall professional reputation, other than your publishing, teaching and administrative activities. Examples are editorship of journals, organisation of conferences, invitations to speak at conferences, awards and prizes. It is important that a) we capture small things as well as large things as these can be enumerated (For example we could say W of our staff serve on editorial boards of major journals; we have examined X phds in y universities in the UK and Z outside the UK. We wont have space to list every item but we would have information should it need to be audited). b) It is also important to remember that this is a two stage process: first, in this exercise we would be recording data from 2014 till now which I realise needs a bit of effort. Thereafter, we could record in real time or annually (like the way we gather the HEBCIS data) until the census date in order to compile the baseline evidence for the the optimal environment narrative. This information is critical when it comes to presenting our collective accomplishments as part of a coherent narrative within the environment statement. Please provide relevant information below.

Please provide as much information as possible.

Invitations to speak at conferences/seminars/keynote lectures

Initiatives beyond Durham to support PhD/postdocs

Promotion or Appt Panels for other Anth depts/assessments