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Durham University

The Anthro-Zoonoses Network

Annie Wilkinson

Annie Wilkinson is an interdisciplinary researcher, with a background in anthropology, specialising in the science policy processes around zoonotic disease. Her work has focused on the political economies of knowledge which shape understandings of zoonotic disease and ways of managing them, including the application of One Health frameworks. Having researched Lassa fever and Ebola in West Africa, Wilkinson is interested in how research across human-animal-ecology interfaces can improve strategies for epidemic preparedness and control. She is also developing work on the human-animal-health system interactions involved in the emergence and spread of drug resistance.

Selected publications:

Wilkinson, A. 2017. Emerging Disease or Emerging Diagnosis? Lassa Fever and Ebola in Sierra Leone. Anthropological Quarterly 90(2):369-397.

Martineau, F., Wilkinson, A., & Parker, M. 2017. Epistemologies of Ebola: Reflections on the Experience of the Ebola Response Anthropology Platform. Anthropological Quarterly 90(2): 475-494.

Vupenyu, D., Bett, B., Bukachi, S., Lawson, E., Mangwanya, L., Scoones, I., Waldman, L., Wilkinson, A., Leach, M. & Winnebah, T. 2017. Zoonotic diseases: who gets sick, and why? Explorations from Africa. Critical Public Health 27(1): 97-110.

Bloom, G., Wilkinson, A., Tomson, G., et al. 2015. Addressing Resistance To Antibiotics In Pluralistic Health Systems. STEPS Working Paper 84.


Annie Wilkinson

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