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Durham University

The Anthro-Zoonoses Network

Jo Setchell

Jo Setchell is an evolutionary anthropologist with interests in Anthro-Zoonoses and One Health from the perspective of Endangered primate species. Humans are primates, and, in addition to contracting diseases from other primates, we can also pass our own pathogens on to our primate cousins. This is particularly problematic in the case of tourism and research that involves wildlife. Investigating this requires an interdisciplinary approach, and Setchell has ongoing collaborations with Kat Shutt, Sandra Bell, Klara Petrzelkova and others to explore human-animal interactions and their consequences for animal health. The outcomes of this interdisciplinary risk assessment can inform policy makers as to how they may better protect Endangered species from the potential negative effects of habituation, tourism and research activities.

Selected publications:

Waters, S., Bell, S. & Setchell, J. M. 2018. Understanding Human-Animal Relations in the Context of Primate Conservation: A Multispecies Ethnographic Approach in North Morocco. Folia Primatologica 89(1): 13-29.

Setchell, J.M., Fairet, E., Shutt, K., Waters, S. & Bell, S. 2017. Biosocial conservation: integrating biological and ethnographic methods to study human-primate interactions. International Journal of Primatology 38(2): 401-426.

Waters, S., El Harrad, A., Chetuan, M., Bell, S. & Setchell, J. M. 2017. Dogs disrupting wildlife: Domestic dogs harass and kill Barbary macaques in Bouhachem forest, North Morocco. African Primates 12: 55-58.

Estrada, A., Garber, P. A., Rylands, A. B., Roos, C., Fernandez-Duque, E., Di Fiore, A., Nekaris, K. A.-I., Nijman, V., Heymann, E. W., Lambert, J. E., Rovero, F., Barelli, C., Setchell, J. M., Gillespie, T. R., Mittermeier, R. A., Arregoitia, L. V., de Guinea, M., Gouveia, S., Dobrovolski, R., Shanee, S., Shanee, N., Boyle, S. A., Fuentes, A., MacKinnon, K. C., Amato, K. R., Meyer, A. L. S., Wich, S., Sussman, R. W., Pan, R., Kone, I. & Li, B. 2017. Impending extinction crisis of the world’s primates: Why primates matter. Science Advances 3(1): e1600946.

Shutt, K., Heistermann, M., Kasim, A., Todd, A., Kalousova, B., Profosouva, I., Petrzelkova, K., Fuh, T., Dicky, J.-F., Bopalanzognako, J.-B. & Setchell, J.M. 2014. Effects of habituation, research and ecotourism on faecal glucocorticoid metabolites in wild western lowland gorillas: Implications for conservation management. Biological Conservation 172: 72-79.

See Kat Shutt’s PhD thesis here: publications:

Jo Setchell helped to develop the International Primatological Society's Code of Best Practices in Field Primatology, which includes mitigating the risk of disease transmission:


Jo Setchell

Durham University