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Durham University

The Anthro-Zoonoses Network

Natalie Porter

Natalie Porter's ethnographic research examines the production of scientific knowledge and global health interventions for highly pathogenic avian influenza (bird flu). Bringing medical anthropology into conversation with science and technology studies, Porter combines investigations of microbiologists with observations of poultry farmers and health workers in Vietnam, Europe, and the United States. This multi-sited research seeks to understand how different actors define bird flu strategies in their daily interactions with viruses and their animal hosts; and it explores how zoonotic pandemic threats generate new biological and social relations among nations, institutions, and species.

Selected publications:

Porter, N. 2013. Bird Flu Biopower: Strategies for Multispecies Coexistence in Việt Nam. American Ethnologist 40(1): 132–48. doi:10.1111/amet.12010.

Porter, N. 2015. Ferreting Things out: Biosecurity, Pandemic Flu and the Transformation of Experimental Systems. BioSocieties, Advanced Online Publication. doi:10.1057/biosoc.2015.4.

Lezaun, J., & Porter, N. 2015. Containment and Competition: Transgenic Animals in the One Health Agenda. Social Science & Medicine (1982) 129: 96–105. doi:10.1016/j.socscimed.2014.06.024.


Natalie Porter

University of Notre Dame