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Alex Nading

Alex M. Nading is a Lecturer in Social Anthropology in the School of Social and Political Science at the University of Edinburgh. He is a medical and environmental anthropologist with a research focus on global health and infectious disease ecology, and a regional specialization in Central America. Most of his research to date has concerned mosquito-borne and enteric diseases in an urban context. His book, Mosquito Trails: Ecology, Health, and the Politics of Entanglement in Nicaragua was published in 2014 by University of California Press.

Selected publications:

Nading, Alex M. 2017. Orientation and Crafted Bureaucracy: Finding Dignity in Nicaraguan Food Safety. American Anthropologist 119(3): 478-490.

Nading, Alex M. 2017. Local Biologies, Leaky Things, and the Chemical Infrastructure of Global Health. Medical Anthropology 36(2): 141-156.

Nading, Alex M. 2016. Evidentiary Symbiosis: On Paraethnography in Human-Microbe Relations. Science as Culture 25(4): 560-581.

Nading, Alex M. 2015. Chimeric Globalism: Global Health in the Shadow of the Dengue Vaccine. American Ethnologist 42(2): 356-370.

Nading, Alex M. 2015. The Lively Ethics of Global Health GMOs: The Case of the Oxitec Mosquito. BioSocieties 10(1): 24-47.

Nading, Alex M. 2013. Humans, Animals, and Health: From Ecology to Entanglement. Environment and Society: Advances in Research 40(1): 60-78.


Alex Nading

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