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Durham University

The Anthro-Zoonoses Network

Danson Mwangi

Danson Mwangi is a Research Scientist at the Institute of Primate Research (IPR), Nairobi, Kenya, and currently a PhD student at the Department of Anthropology, Durham University. His studies focus on zoonotic disease risk among Kenyan communities living at the borderlands of Tsavo and Chyulu National parks in Kenya. He holds a MA in Health Social Science from Mahidol University, Thailand and a BSc in Environmental Health (Kenyatta University). His research interests revolves about the health problems emanating from Human-wildlife interactions and conflict, with specific interests in ecological, political and socio-cultural determinants of pathogens’ cross-transmission, between humans and non-human primates. He has worked previously on zoonotic gastrointestinal parasites shared between humans and wildlife at the human-wildlife interfaces of the larger Tsavo National park in eastern Kenya, and Tana River Primates reserve, coastal Kenya. He aspires to establish in the long term, a fully-fledged programme on anthropology of health, to conduct responsive research on One health: the complex entanglements between humans, environments, animals and pathogens.

Selected publications:

Mwangi D. K., Maloba F., Akinyi M., Kivai S., Ndeereh D., Ngotho M. & Kagira J. 2016. Socio-economic conditions and risk factors for zoonoses amongst farmersat the human-wildlife interface of Nthongoni, eastern Kenya. African Journal of Wildlife Research, 46 (2): 87-102.

Mwangi D. K., Luechai S., Sauwakon R., Siriwan G. 2011. Community Experiences of Living with Schistosomiasis: The Case of Mwea Irrigation Scheme in Central Kenya. Mahidol University, MA thesis.