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Durham University

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Ann H. Kelly

Ann H. Kelly is Senior Lecturer in Global Health at King’s College London. An anthropologist by training (Cambridge University, 2007), Kelly’s ethnographic research has often been intertwined with public health interventions and disease control programmes, particularly in sub-Saharan Africa. She has addressed a number of substantive topics, from mosquito control programmes in urban and rural contexts to emergency clinical trials during the recent West African Ebola outbreak. Much of her anthropological work has unfolded in close collaboration with bioscientists, disease ecologists, entomologists and clinicians. She has drawn on these collaborations to develop a number of conceptual innovations in the social-scientific study of global health, ranging from notions of experimental value, the role of ignorance and memory in the sciences, the disentanglement of human and nonhuman species, or the scales of political participation and the emergence of new global health publics.

Selected publications:

Kelly, A.H. & Lezaun, J. The Wild Indoors: Rooms Spaces of Scientific Inquiry, Cultural Anthropology (in print).

Kelly, A.H. (2016). Seeing Cellular Debris, Remembering a Soviet Method. Visual Anthropology 29 (2): 133-158.

Bonwitt, J., Kelly, A.H., Marí-Sáez, A., Borchert, M., Ansumana, R. & Fichet-Calvet, E. (2015). Ratatouille: a mixed method study to characterize rodent hunting and consumption in the context of Lassa fever. Ecohealth, DOI: 10.1007/s10393-016-1098-8.

Brown, H., Kelly, A. H., Marí Sáez, A., Fichet-Calvet, E., Ansumana, R., Bonwitt, J., Magassouba, N., Sahr, F. & Borchert, M. (2015). Extending the ‘social’ Anthropological contributions to the study of viral haemorrhagic fevers. PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases 9 (4): e0003651.

Kelly, A.H. & Lezaun, J. (2014 ). Urban Mosquitoes, Situational Publics and the pursuit of inter species separation. American Ethnologist 41 (2): 368-383.

Brown, H. & Kelly, A.H. (2014). Material Proximities and Hotspots: Towards an Anthropology of Viral Haemorrhagic Fevers. Medical Anthropology Quarterly, 28 (2): 280-303.

Palmer, J., Kelly, A.H. Checci, F. & Jones, C. (2014). Changing landscapes, changing practice: Negotiating access to sleeping sickness services in a post-conflict society. Social Science Medicine 120: 396-404.

Kelly, A.H. & Lezaun, J. (2013). Walking or waiting? Topologies of the breeding ground in malaria control. Science as Culture 22 (1): 86-107.

Kelly, A.H. Tousignant, N. Beisel, U. (2013). Knowing Insects – Insects as Vectors, Hosts and Companions of Science. Special Issue of Science as Culture 22 (1).

Kelly, A.H. (2012). The Experimental hut: Hospitable Vectors. Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute 8 (S1): 145-160.

Kelly, A.H. & Beisel U. (2011). Neglected Malarias: The Frontlines and Back Alleys of Global Health. Biosocieties 4:71-87.


Ann H. Kelly

King's College London