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The Anthro-Zoonoses Network

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Afrique One-ASPIRE

Newsletter with a summary of the ECAS panel on "Social sciences perspectives on One Health":

Anthro-Zoonoses Network members Hannah Brown and Jesse Bonwitt answered questions in the Ask Me Anything chat:

Hi reddit, we’re Jesse and Hannah, and our research into zoonotic infections and hunting practices in Sierra Leone shows women and children interact with animals differently than men – Ask Us Anything!


Successful panel at ECAS 2017 on “Social Science Perspectives on One Health” with two contributions by members of the Anthro-zoonoses Network

Life at the borderlands of protected areas: human-animal-environment interactions in Nthongoni, eastern Kenya.

Author: Danson Mwangi (Durham University)

Short Abstract:

Most protected areas result to displacement of local people, with tremendous consequences on the people, animals and the environment. For an appreciation of these areas, we recommend engagement of neighboring communities in making management decisions, and in generating positive livelihood outcomes.

Lassa fever: Animals and health infrastructure in Sierra Leone

Author: Hannah Brown (Durham University)

Short Abstract:

One health interventions are produced at the intersections of health infrastructures and environmental ecology. This paper critically interrogates relationships between crisis and ecology in the constitution of health systems responses to Lassa Fever.

ECAS 2017