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Hate Crime Project Aims

Hate Crime Project Aims

The main purpose of the project is to understand religious and race based harassment and hate crime perpetrated against students and staff so that we can create tools/mechanisms to:

  • Remove barriers to reporting;
  • Provide appropriate responses to disclosures and reports;
  • Provide for appropriate interventions; and
  • Provide for appropriate support.

We believe that in order to accomplish this we need to understand from our students and staff, information such as:

  • Frequency of incidents;
  • Nature of incidents;
  • Location of incidents (University estate, city centre, inside buses/taxis);
  • Identification of type of perpetrator/s (other students, staff or local community);
  • Reasons for not reporting/disclosing;
  • Perception of current response to reporting/disclosing;
  • Identification of favoured response;
  • Knowledge of current support offered; and
  • Identification of types of support that would be welcomed.