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Trevelyan College

New Students' Information 2016/17

All home undergraduates are expected to arrive on 2 October 2016. All home postgraduates should arrive on 29 September 2016. International students (both undergraduate and postgraduate) should arrive on 28 or 29 September 2016 when a 'Meet and Greet' service will be operated by the International Office.


The document below contains lots of information that you need to know before you come to Durham. Please read this carefully.


Student Registration

There are three stages to the registration process:

  1. Enrolment
  2. Module Registration
  3. Verification of Identity

Enrolment and Module Registration

After your acceptance has been processed you will receive two email messages from which provide:

  • Your Computing and Information Services (CIS) username
  • How to derive your CIS password and guidance on how to access the system

The messages are sent 24 hours apart and are sent to the email address you provided when you applied so it’s important to let us know of any changes to this information.

After you have received both emails you will need to:

  • Change your password
  • Log into Durham University Online – duo
  • Choose the “Banner Self Service” link in duo under “External Tools”
  • Choose Registration and Enrolment
  • Enrol with the University
  • Upload a photograph for your campus card

You will receive information from your department about registering for your programme and modules. You should follow the advice given about whether to complete registration for programmes and modules before you come to Durham or whether to wait until you arrive before making a final choice so that your department can give you further advice and information.

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Key Dates

  • Enrolment and upload of photograph should be completed 12 calendar days before your start date
  • Module choices need to be made by 5 pm on Tuesday of Induction Week (information and advice on module choices will be given in departments on Monday and Tuesday of induction week).

Verification of Identity

Verification of identity takes place at your college. You will need to bring either your current passport, current UK Driving Licence or current European Identity Card. If you are a UK student and you do not have any of these forms of identification you can bring your original Birth Certificate. After you have had your identity verified you can then collect your campus card.


If you require assistance through the enrolment process, please contact College, department or further guidance is available on the Student Registry website at If you have a technical problem, please contact the IT Service Desk at

College Induction Events Timetable

Please refer to the College Welcome page for details of events during Induction Week in College

Residence Agreement (Undergraduates)

Before you can be given a key for a room in College you must have returned your signed Particulars of Offer, which you will receive by email. The Particulars of Offer will define the period of occupancy and any additional details that you need to be aware of. Please read this carefully before accepting online. It will also contain a link to the full Residence Agreement - again please read this carefully as it, along with the Particulars of Offer, constitute your contract for residence.

It is important that you sign on-line to make your arrival at Durham University as easy as possible. Please note the standard let also provides accommodation only outside of term time.

Room Sharing Before Christmas

The number of Freshers stating a preference to share occupancy of a room before Christmas often far exceeds the number of shared rooms available.

Freshers who will be sharing occupancy of a room in the 1st term will be sent an email from Mrs Anne Allen, the Admissions Secretary by 23 September 2016. The email may also include contact details of the person with whom they will be sharing occupancy of a room. You will not receive an email if you have been allocated occupancy of a single room for the 1st term. All students will be given a room number on arrival when they collect a room key from the Porters Lodge.

Contents Insurance Cover

The Residence Agreement includes basic contents insurance. It is your responsibility to make sure that you have the right cover for your requirements e.g. musical instruments, laptop outside the room etc.


Information on paying your tuition fees is included in your Welcome Pack. Please make sure you open a bank account at least 3 weeks before arriving at University to avoid any delays with Student Finance, Direct Debits etc.

More information about living costs in College can be found here:

Financial Information 2016-17

Additional Opt-Out Charges

a) Library Contribution:

An optional College Library contribution of £30.00 for three year undergraduates, £40 for students who will spend four years in Durham and £10 per year of attendance for postgraduates, is also levied on the first bill to help cover the costs of our college library.

To opt out of this contribution please contact the Finance Office in College by 5pm on October 21st 2016.

b) JCR Dues - Undergraduates:

JCR dues (membership of the undergraduate common room) are charged in the first year only, at the rate of £130. This payment will cover your whole time in Trevelyan. Only common room members will be able to play sport, engage in societies and join in JCR events.

If you wish to opt out of JCR Membership, please let the Finance Office in College know by 5pm on October 21st 2016


c) MCR Dues – Postgraduates:

MCR dues are charged each year at the rate of £35. Only common room members will be able to play sport, engage in societies and join in MCR events.

If you wish to opt out of MCR Membership, please let the Finance Office in College know by 5pm on October 21st 2016

e) Laundry Key Fobs

These are for use of the washers and dryers in College and are pre-loaded with £15.

Please let Housekeeping know if you don’t require a fob.

d) Trevelyan Society:

The Trevelyan Society was formed in 1982 to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the University and 15th birthday of the College.

It has two objectives:

To unite past and present students and staff in promoting the academic and general well-being of the College.

To give past students and staff the opportunity to meet and keep in touch with one another and the College.

A charge of £50 is made for lifetime membership of the Trevelyan Society - membership is optional. Life Membership means that you:

· receive our annual magazine, Hippocampus
· can attend reunion events in College and other venues
· support current students through the Trevelyan Society Scholarships
· are represented on Trevelyan College Council.

If you wish to opt out of Trevelyan Society Membership, please let the Finance Office in College know by 5pm on October 21st 2016

Students who are eligible for a Durham Grant and are living in college will see a reduction on their residence invoice for the value of the award. For further information please see

Note: Kettles are provided in the pantries please do not bring your own as they are not allowed in rooms.

Student Parking Policy 2016/17

Students will only be entitled to apply for a permit to park on University premises if they:

• have an exceptional medical need and are in possession of a blue badge;

• live in University premises and have academic commitments requiring them to travel to locations not easily accessible by public transport (e.g. some PGCE students);

• have other exceptional circumstances;

• represent the University in elite sports, in which case they will be eligible to apply for a permit for Maiden Castle/Queen’s only.

Students who fall into these categories, must apply first to their College except for those applying under elite sport, which should be made directly to the Facilities Manager, Experience Durham at Maiden Castle. Please note however, there is no guarantee that a permit will be granted (unless you are in possession of a blue badge). Postgraduate students living in Keenan or Brackenbury House, will be able to apply for a car parking permit to park at the respective sites only.

Students who park vehicles anywhere on the University estate without permission or without a valid parking permit for a particular car park/location, will be found to be in breach of the University’s Parking Policy (Section A of the Parking Policy 18th April 2016) and may be subject to a Parking Charge Notice. Breach of the Policy may also result in proceedings under General Regulation IV – Discipline particularly where there are repeated offences. A copy of the University Parking Policy can be found at

Contacting Us

If you have any queries about the information here or any other aspect of coming to Durham please do not hesitate to contact us at or telephone 0191 3347057.