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Trevelyan College

Trevelyan Alumni

Welcome to the Alumni section of the Trevelyan College website. Trevs now has more than 7000 alumni spread across all continents and, as well as being keen to keep in touch with you, we'd like to help you keep in touch with each other.

This part of the College website tells you about:

  • The establishment of the Trevelyan Alumni Committee (TAC), which continues to act in accordance with the aims and objectives of the recently dissolved Trevelyan Society.
  • The Trevelyan Trust , which raises funds to support College. Find out about awards made by the Trust, current fund raising initiatives and how to make a donation.
  • Reunions and Events organised in College and elsewhere.
  • Trevs Reunited see how we can help you get back in touch with Trevs friends.
  • How to Support Trevelyan, whether it is using your time, expertise or, if you prefer, a donation towards a general or specific need.
  • How to Update your details - you can update your details to ensure you receive important information, including Hippocampus and Newswire, the Durham University Alumni digest that is sent via email every month.
  • The SCR - as an Alumni member of The Trevelyan Society, you are entitled to apply to become a member of Trevelyan's Senior Common Room and enjoy all of the benefits which that entails.
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It is through the continual support of our Alumni that Trevs continues to flourish. Help Trevs give its students the best it can.
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Have you lost contact with an old friend from Trevelyan? Find out how we can help you get back in touch.
A selection of internships and jobs for Current Students, supported by alumni.

Social Media

Trevelyan College Alumni have a dedicated Facebook page. Join and 'Like' us at We'll be using the page to share news, events and photos and to help keep our alumni in contact with each other and College. We also have a Twitter page, so please also follow us @trevsalumni or tweet us using #trevsalumni.

We are also on Linkedln, the professional networking site, as a subgroup of 'Durham University Alumni'. There are over 14,000 Durham Alumni on Linkedln, and we'll be using the site to promote networking among our own alumni and to foster discussion on events and careers. To join us on LinkedIn, please join the 'Durham University Alumni' group then search for the 'Trevelyan College' subgroup.

***Special Notice***

On Saturday 17th June 2017 at 2 pm, Trevs will be holding a General Meeting of the Trevelyan Society. We are developing a proposal for College Council, which we believe will fully integrate the Alumni group at the centre of the College by means of a Standing Committee of College Council. We would be delighted to welcome many of you to this meeting. Please find the details for the resolutions for that meeting below. Following the meeting, there will be an opportunity to visit the new fitness suite - the first completed 50th Anniversary Project.



Take notice that at the General Meeting of the Trevelyan Society to take place on 17th June 2017 the following motions shall be put:

2.1 That the co-option of local Alumnus Christopher Wastell to the Executive as Secretary of the Trevelyan Society at the Executive Committee meeting for the Trevelyan Society held on 15th May 2017 shall be noted.

2.2 That, pursuant to Clause 8(i) of its constitution of March 1997, the Trevelyan Society shall dissolve with effect from 17th June 2017 (subject to College Council having resolved to establish the Trevelyan Alumni Committee(TAC)) prior to that date or on the date it so resolves, if later.)

2.3. That it be noted that, pursuant to Clause 8(ii) of its said constitution at its said meeting the Executive Committee resolved that the funds of the Trevelyan Society shall remain within the Trevelyan Trust to be used in accordance with the objectives of the Trevelyan Society as set out in their Constitution on March 1997, namely, to promote the academic and general wellbeing of the College and to give past students and staff opportunities of meeting or keeping in touch with one another and with the College and as more particularly determined by the Trevelyan Alumni Committee from time to time.